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Misalignment Of Justice

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The aim of this article is to examine the alignment of the Modern Justice System
with the celestial justice system. Justice is the most used word , yet the most rare to found. The present day judiciary system is based on a set of laws and procedures which has egocentric origins. This is the reason why the holistic application of justice is missing. Instead a partial and group focused justice system has come into existence.

This ego-centrism has made the judiciary weak at its soul. Any disconnection from
the soul leads to the disintegration and collapse. The colonial adaption of the
jurisprudence and constitutional values based on what is seen, rather than, diving into the unseen truth of operational dynamics of human race, has lead to a mechanical system for deliverance of justice. Justice is never mechanical only adjustments can be done mechanically. The growing and messing ego of the justice system has devoured upon the existence of the real self. The real self has been eliminated from the face of the justice system. This has lead to the emergence of a sick and dying judicial system.

What is Ego Self

Ego self is the persona of pride and grandeur presented before the world. Like we often read of acquittal by the apex court in the cases of heinous crimes of gang-rape, murder, and terrorism. The grounds given for such acquittals are often repetitive ,lack of proper investigation and evidence. The blame of inadequacy in delivering justice is swiftly and shrewdly shifted on the agencies. The victims are left at the mercy of the almighty for the grant of justice. Even in doing so a facade of pride, passive aggression and positional power is maintained by the judiciary.

Most cases today only reach finality and not conclusion. The pain of those who
have lost their all which include time, money, age, peace, and sometimes even life is painted with black or the white words in the name of balance of evidence and impartiality. I feel this strongly that not only the judiciary but also the society at large has been conditioned over time in a very subtle manner to witness such
mishappenings. This silent conditioning has rendered the justice system voiceless
and added more spice to the ego of those who claim such mishappenings as a grant
of pure justice. The inflation of the ego is so big and wide that it is difficult to
examine the point of its origin. The ending of this ego undoubtedly do not exist. In such an atmosphere the space for the existence of the truth shrinks, justice dies in the absence of the air of truth. The loud proclamation of deliverance of justice cannot be made a substitute for the grant of justice.

The practice of replacing justice with opinion based writings is prevalent and excepted. Any deviation from this practice can cause a price to be paid. This has, therefore, become the norm of
the judicial system.

What is Real Self

The self which is in alignment with the purpose of the creation and is in tuned
with the creator is real. The misalignment of the justice system has been caused
due to drifting away from the real self. The only test of the constitution or
pronouncement of law is that how closely it is aligned with the higher purpose of
creation. The test of all other kinds are ego based and inappropriate with the
purpose and meaning of justice. The celestial laws are perfect and unquestionable.

When the constitution is still stuck at the word ‘humanity’ the law of the cosmos
encompasses the word ‘being’. When the word “equality” is still a less understood
or sometimes misunderstood word, the celestial law depicts “exclusive identity”.
The unenforced chapter of duties in the constitution is the highest chapter of the
cosmic function. The woven threads of emaciated procedures which is forced as a show of justice, stoops before the clear demarcated steps and actions of the law of nature. The law of nature which is totally aligned with the law of the cosmos, emerges as a victor, before the defeated man made constitutional laws. After all empty vessels sounds the most. So is the case of human civilization which is nesting on the fragile foundation of defective jurisprudence. The refusal to extend the constitutional protection to other species, and also the vegetation, has added to the chaos and deprivation of justice to the humans. The humans are dependent for survival on other species, whereas, other species may not be so dependent on the human race for survival. A holistic approach to justice can only save the human race from destruction. A dedicated alignment to the ever existing celestial laws which is represented in the laws practiced by the nature can only create a true system of justice. Just by wearing a name of Justice, a system do not really become
justice oriented. The soul of justice should be revered and reflected.

Guiding Source

Bharat already has inherent justice delivering mechanism and knowledge in our many scriptures , to name a few like Bhagwad Gita and vashishth yog , we also have our book of legal system and procedures in the form of Nyaya Shastra. The four main legs of justice are Healing, Creativity, Knowledge and Sadhana. At time of any confusion and conflict among our scriptures ,the highest knowledge of the universe, the Vedas can be applied. The test of a jurist should be based on the original understanding of these precious book, which has been passed down to us from the sages. This would save any idea of demonic nature from entering into the area of justice. Lack of self duties and increase in self rights is the result of the adoption of ideas of justice from the forces which enslaves us .Today even an utterance to move away from the existing system of justice invites bitter criticism and isolation .This scenario reveals a weakened consciousness of the collective .To reach to the point of true justice the consciousness of the collective has to be raised

This can only happen when we adopt our spiritual knowledge and be bold to
discard the foreign knowledge whose nature is of a parasite. Respect of the real self is the beginning of the justice .


The hue cry of justice shall never end unless a drastic transformation is not
introduced in the Judicial system. Any transformation is always accompanied by
destruction .Creation occurs on destruction ,so why be fearful .Lets align back to laws of the cosmos which represent stability and transparency.
The outer world must meet the inner world of the individuals to gain the goal. This is the true meaning of the statue of the justice. The inner unseen world meets the outer seen world and finally both are placed on the scales in the hand of the statue of justice. The weighing of the both sides of the scale yields justice. Exactly like the samudhra manthan ,the great crunching of the ocean by Gods and devils. The best and the worst are found and finally the balance in restored .Be a demon or be a god, choice is yours for the only power a human has is the power to make a choice. Taking a step toward compassion and honoring the laws of the nature can only bring justice to life on this planet. The misalignment can be correct by the judiciary by regaining it’s power to discern by touching the spaces which hurts.

These spaces which have been left untouched and unhealed are now appearing like ugly sores on the face of the institution. A giant move to transform the hidden irregular areas within, with a pledge to revive the glory of being the custodian of justice would bring a definite sense of rejuvenation and renewal in the judiciary.

The self discovery process would also create isolation and distance from other
institutions adding uniqueness and strength to its functional aspects. Just like abpigeon is not saved from the cat simply by closing its eyes. The truth of an
institution does not get erased by simply making it invisible. The hurried and lost
approach of the modern day judicial system has drained away the wisdom from the heart of the institution. The loose and scattered foundation of the judiciary is not able to sustain the burden of society which is at the verge of collapse due to fission of inner powers. The black hole created in the judicial system has to be crossed with determination and faith. The faith can be restored through correct understanding of ancient knowledge. With the declaration of its own empowerment, the institution can set example for other bodies of law and governance. Let the judiciary make a choice of being one with the celestial laws and this choice in turn will lead to an independent institution.. Dreams of independence are real, the illusion of supremacy is fake. Be independent, drop supremacy.

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