Monday, July 22, 2024

The Tricolour Stands Tall

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Carrying the torch of a thousand-year civilization

The tricolour, steadfast and unperturbed, stands tall.

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Rising like a phoenix from the ashes of invasions,

The tricolour, in its own stoic way, stands tall.

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As the bastion of ancient wisdom and civilization,

The tricolor, unwavering and unassuming, stands tall.



Braving the trials and tribulations of war and conflict,

The tricolour, with grace and benevolence, stands tall.



Shedding the baggage of past world orders

The tricolor, with panache and strength, stands tall.



The tricolor, weaved together with its colors of diversity,

Mirroring the aspirations and hopes of a billion, stands tall.



Winds of change will blow, sands of time will flow,

The Tricolor will, on this monumental milestone, eternally and perennially, stand tall.

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