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Women Slavery in Islam Across the World

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Slavery is one of the most undignified act of humanity. From centuries different parts of the world were living under slavery due to some brutal and harsh socio-political ideologies. Islam was one among them which became the cause of darkest age of humanity. The time of Islamic rule in medieval era is replete with evidences of how humans were brutally exploited.

In that scenario, women became the biggest victim of Islamic savagery across the world. After invading any region the main aim of Jihadi armies was to rob people and take away the women as sex slaves. But, this truth is not much in discourse of the socio-historical parlance.

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Arab slave trade

Arab slave trade was a huge market of women and young boys basically targeted for sexual slavery. The Islamic mind is full of the directions of finding sexuality in each and everything they reckon. Women remained till now the easiest prey right from the ruler to a petty soldier. The leader of the troop was gifted the most beautiful of women and rest of the troupe was free to loot and rape any women in that area. Prophet Muhammad is himself known to be looting, abducting and capturing women for his pleasure. While, he gave freedom to all his men to use women the way they want.

Quran says, “O Prophet! We have made lawful for you those wives for whom you have given dowries, and also those women who came into your possession, whom Allah gave you as bounty.” (Chapter 33: Ayat 50)

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History has tried its best to compare Islamic slavery with that of Roman and Christians and told them to be very liberal and benign. However, in reality the most inhuman and brutal act of savagery was done by Islamic invaders. Furthermore, the ‘mandis’ or markets in Arab flourished in the name of women from different regions, women of different class and status had their own rates. And open exhibition of naked women was a general practice in such markets. What more of a hell one can expect in real life?

African women slaves by Islam

African continent was largely stricken by this epidemic of women slavery by the Islamic invaders. East and West African regions where Tanzania, Zanzibar became the hub of this trade.

These African slaves were made to cross Saharan Desert chained and where necks were forked and hands tied with bark thongs. Marching the African slaves across the great desert made them die of thirst and hunger.

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Women and young girls were facing this menace since centuries. The African women were converted to concubines in the harems. Further, castration of young boys was a common practice in Muslim harems. “Then, between 1600 and 1800, another 1.4 million Africans were shipped out by the Arabs. The 19th century represented the highest point of the Arabian trade where 12,000 Africans were shipped out every year. The total figure for the 19th century alone was 1.2 million slaves to Arabia.”

Christian slaves, Muslim masters

Prof. Robert Davis’ book ‘Christian slaves, Muslim Masters: White Slavery in the Mediterranean’ gives data of the Christian slavery by Islamic invaders. Coast of Italy, Spain, Portugal and France were the epicentres of Arab slave trade. Along with that British and Irish were also the targets. The charm od white, Caucasus, Russian and Herzegovinian women was very high rated in the Islamic empires.

Jihad against the Christians in Arabia became the starting point of this roguery. Since the Victory of Yamruk in 636 AD the Islamic invasion on European soil became a thing of routine.

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Basically, women are the biggest victim of the ghoulish acts of Islamic brutalities. Till now, girls from countries like India are transported in the Arab world. Women trafficking is the modern day version of the medieval Arab Slave trade. Women are  non-entity according to Islam, especially the Kafir.

The horrific truth of Islamic attacks or majority in any region is the ghastly consequences girls and women have to face.




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