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German-Turkish Jihad on India: An Evil Great Game – 1

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India has always been in the eyes of foreign powers. A lucrative destination from all dimensions to be invaded and captured. A rare one of the history chapters that got missed from the eyes was a modern plan of invasion on India. Rather a Jihad by the German- Turkic powers. This historical event marks the period of post first world-war.

Beginning Of The Second Great Game

During the First World War Germans and Turks were on the one side against the British and Russians. And these forces had clashed against each other in many places in Persia as well. But as the Second Great Game unfolded as a scheme to invade India. This invasion was basically an impending Holy Jihad on India.

This comes as quite surprising. Why would a far distant country like Germany lead such a plan with an Islamic counterpart like Turkey? This was a plan to indirectly hurt Britain using the Islamic population of India.

Kaiser Wilhelm 2 and Enver Pasha of Turkey framed this plan to reach India and succumb its populace into a revolution.

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Germany The Mastermind

The whole game plan to get the Persian armies landed on the soil of India and take help of the Muslim sentiments was done by Germany. While having Istanbul as the centre of the direction.

As the ideation, went through was to ignite a revolution in India against the British colonial masters that would lead to a decline in the power of the British. As the British power relied on the military power of Indian men during the First World War. In the words of Kaiser, ‘Our consuls and agents must inflame the entire Muslim world against this hateful, lying and unscrupulous nation.”

Dream Of A Muslim ‘Caliphate’ Ignited

However, at that point of time Caliphate power was not in its prime, but Sultan was powerful. There were other sympathisers and dreamers of a pan-Islamic rule remaining all across the world. India was especially igniting with the seeding of a new Muslim Empire on the remnants of a long lost Mughal empire.

(p.c. – India facts)

Taking the advantage of this sentiment, local Muslims in Persia were ignited to go into a Holy Jihad against the British and India. This came as a sweet dream for the Islamic dreamers. This was a chance not only to crush the Christians along with finishing their Ghazwa-e-Hind.

Marching Towards India Crossing Persian Desert

German-Turkish armies used local Persian tribesmen in their army and led them to march towards invading India. Their first target was to reach Kabul but a bigger challenge they had to face before anybody else was Amir of Afghanistan. Known to be the fiercest force in the subcontinent, the pseudo- Persian forces (used by the German-Turkish agenda) were a mere joke in front of the Afghan soldiers.

Before that crossing the Persian Desert was also a challenge. As the internal strife of German commanders was not stopping and the summer was approaching.

Reaching Afghanistan

Now, the European armies were able to reach the Afghan land crossing every challenge. This was one of the first armies after Alexander to cross this boundary. They reached and had a sight with the Amir of Afghanistan. This came as a golden chance to conjoin with the Afghan army to take over India under the Islamic rule.

But did the game turned to be successful or not still remains a question, which shall be covered with the next part of the article.

(Note: The article has been taken from the inputs, articles and threads by Pankaj Saxena)





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