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Radha Semwal is working against Majar Jihad in Uttarakhand

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Targeted as one of the extremist Hindu wing activist, Radha Semwal Dhoni is continuously upto her work. She is a lone tigress who is challenging the atrocious expansion of illegal majaars in devbhoomi. Yes, there are many illegal encroachments happening all across Uttarakhand just in the name of minority religion. People are afraid that if it is not tackled at this point, devbhumi Uttarakhand cannot be saved.

What Is The Issue?

From more than two years, the news of extreme encroachment of land in Uttarakhand is coming into headlines. While there are people who are neglecting it, the locals are demanding a safe recluse from the menace of how these unauthorised residents are coming in Uttarakhand. This is nothing hard to guess however, that these are mostly Rohingyas and Bangladeshi Muslims. This cadre is now employed to hijack the sacred places of Uttarakhand and spread their illegal-mazar jihad.

In view of this government has been alrmed many times. But, even without the support of local social leaders and Hindu leaders this spread cannot be stopped.

The one to take up this task in her hands is Radha Semwal Dhoni. She is a simple woman from an ordinary background in Dehradun but is fearlessly taken up the task of demolishing illegal majars all around the sacred Devbhumi. She has been doing this for 4 years.

Liberal-Islamist Gang is Shaken

Radha Semwal is approaching people like a fearless tigress and asks about the authority of the structures built. She is not even hesitant in erasing the smaller structures by her own self. This is not an easy task. One must remember that the whole power behind the jihad is very dangerous. But this is extremely a matter of courage that Radha Semwal even live streams the whole process without any fear or hesitation. She is not hiding her work like any mole. She is openly challenging the illegal activities corrupting the sanctity of the place.

However, liberals and Islamist gang is rattled on account of what Radha Semwal can do all alone. She is now being targeted by the quint like foreign funded portals. They are trying portray her as some kind of terrorist misusing government’s support from backdoor.


Radha Semwal is a fearless Hindu karyakarta who is actively fighting for her Dharma. She is targeting all those notorious and criminal elements who are not at all innocent. Rather, they are specifically funded and settled in Uttarakhand to change the demographic scenario of the place.

Mazar Jihad has reached to such an extent in Uttarakhand that safety and security of our temples is also questioned. The way Bangladeshi Muslims have been illegally settled in the most serene of places is highly serious. We need more and more Hindu karyakartas who can work on ground to fight such menaces at local levels.

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