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Migrants Are Ravaging Europe

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Migrants are ravaging Europe and destroying its society internally, the gruesome rape of a young woman bears testimony to it

A 26 year Polish woman Anastasia Rubińska was drugged and subject to brutal gangrape by a group of Pakistani and Bangladeshi migrants in Greece.

She was later murdered.

The woman was went missing on June 12 on the Greek island of Kos, after she’d gone to get a drink during a day off from the local hotel where she worked. She never made it home alive.

Who are the Culprits?

In the gruesome gangrape and murder of this young Polish woman the culprits were Pakistani and Bangladeshi migrants.

The mastermind is Salahuddin S, a Bangladeshi migrant who was staying illegally in Greece. The migrants have been arrested and have been transported back to Poland to face prosecution there.

Anastasia’s killer previously had trouble with the law, and yet continued enjoying state welfare.

The Problem of Immigration

Immigration is regarded as essential for promoting the mobility in the global economy. But there must be restrictions to the entry of individuals.

Unrestricted immigration not only threatens to change the demography of a country concerned but also, in the long run, deal a death blow to the societal peace in that region and country concerned.

Just take the case of Europe.

The massive influx of illegal migrants belonging to the “peaceful community”, mainly from the Middle East and from some countries in South Asia, particularly Pakistan has ravaged Europe.

Germany, Britain, Poland are all bearing the brunt of this migrant menace.

The problem has been accentuated by lenient measures the European states take when it comes to tackling the threat from the “peaceful community”.

What needs to be done?

It is imperative that Europe does something to prevent the further degeneration of its society.

The first thing is toughen up immigration rules.

This is especially for individuals from countries where the “peaceful community” lives.

Next, emulate Britain’s “stopping the boats” strategy which involves detaining illegal migrants upto 18 months and then deporting them.

Migrants are ravaging Europe and unless expeditious steps are taken to tackle this “peaceful community” illegal migrant conundrum, Europe will continue to suffer.

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