Thursday, July 25, 2024

America’s Religious Intolerance Rant Against India

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USA has a habit of interfering and every year coming up with the same old reports on religious intolerance. This seemingly annoying habit of USA has now become like an American ritual. On Monday US has released a report which highlights the human rights violation issues in India. America is so much concerned about India, that their whole year and resources get exhausted on analysing India.

What Is the Report About?

USA is trying to highlight from past 9 years that India is a religious intolerant country with way too many big jargons. They are repeating the same old things which are non-existent. In 2022, the report says India’s government has committed several abuses and human rights violations, including extrajudicial killings, torture, and arbitrary detention of citizens.  This is ridiculously nonsensical. While on one place Indian government made sure that nobody is touched during the notorious so-called farmers’ protest. Probably, USA has forgot how they gave rise to the ‘Black lives Matter’ movement. The abuse of police power to suppress a black man is before the world.

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USA Blames India

The highly biased report of USA also mentions that restricting freedom of expression, assembly, and association, as well as limiting access to information, including on the internet. It also accuses the government of targeting human rights defenders, journalists, and civil society activists.

On the contrary, India has become a place where even the people are bashing the government day out and night are not caught.

Hindus are continuously under attack, Khalistanis are using the funds from USA and Canada to sow the seeds of separatism in India. To tackle the law-and-order situation India is taking all the measure so that the common citizens of India can remain in peace.

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USA A Flawed Democracy Itself

Over the months we have seen that how USA and its proxies are revealed before us. From the involvement of NGO funding by American companies to the hijacking of the academia in India. The direct role of George Soros in inflicting chaos in India is now very much evident. Moreover, people are now well-aware that USA is trying every which way to destabilize India. Hence, this shows that how much respect is given to democracy in USA. In the name of democracy main agenda of USA is only to supress other nations.

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To what extent USA can intervene with the internal matters of the country is now visible. USA itself is not able to conduct fair Presidential elections. This gives us very clear understanding what is the real face of USA ?

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Anti- Semitism in USA

With recent incidents of hate crimes and discrimination against Jewish individuals and communities. Despite efforts to promote diversity and inclusion, anti-Semitic attitudes and actions persist in various forms across the country. Jewish individuals may face discrimination in hiring, promotion, or tenure decisions due to their religion or ethnicity. Anti-Semitism is also prevalent in online spaces, where individuals can spread hate and misinformation without consequences. Jewish individuals may be subjected to online harassment and hate speech on social media platforms.

Therefore, it is important that USA stops blaming India and care for their issues. The inherent mentality of racial and religious discrimination is there among the Americans. They must educate themselves first in the subject of harmony, tolerance and civility.





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