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The Nefarious Activities of NGOs in India 

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India has been targeted by various parties with nefarious agendas. The breaking Indian forces have targeted Hindus and Sanatan Dharma as the primary targets for breaking India. With its huge financial resources, the western world is fighting tooth and nail to convert India to Abrahamism. Furthermore, they have become hellbent on destroying India’s economic, political, and social infrastructure. In all practical terms, India has become an eyesore for those who wish to see India fall and not rise as a global power.

(P.C.- Dharmakshethra)

The Use Of NGOs To Harm India 

People with nefarious agendas have propped up NGOs to further their own plans in order to vitiate the atmosphere of the nation. NGOs such as these act as front faces for shoddy practices and corrupt dealings. NGOs with vested interests are damaging the entire fabric of India, by falsely portraying a notion of spreading modernism, equality, rationality, freedom, and sensitivity.

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How people and organizations use NGOs to channel their ill-gotten wealth is an open secret. Additionally, many NGOs fuel hatred and animosity, especially in India, as is well known. As soon as the GoI takes strict action against NGOs, all hell breaks loose. Media outlets around the world and leftist media houses in India start writing vicious articles and painting a negative picture of India. Whereas, the reality is that many of these NGOs are working systematically to hamper India’s growth and break it.

In India, many NGOs have been restricted from receiving funding under FCRA rules because of inexplicable and surplus funding. There has been a crackdown on NGOs like the Bank Information Centre, Sierra Club,, and Avaaz, among others.

The leftist sympathizers actively promote the narrative that India has caste discrimination, social inequalities, poverty, and health issues, so an active civil society is needed. In different countries, NGOs must work and adapt to local norms and regulations. Any difference with the local laws can result in license suspension or other strict measures. So why raise a hue and cry in India?

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Harming India’s Growth Story


There are many organizations that receive large donations but do not provide sufficient data to justify them. These organizations include Greenpeace, Oxfam, PETA and Amnesty International. With the pretext of protecting the environment, Greenpeace actively stalled various developmental activities across India. Greenpeace protested actively against aluminium and coal mining, as well as nuclear and thermal power. This shows that Greenpeace intended to stop India’s progress and halt its self-sufficiency process.

Amnesty International

It is also important not to miss Amnesty International, which represents ‘so-called Human rights activism’ in India. There are several reasons why Amnesty International has become infamous for its advocacy of minorities in India as well as the vilification of Hindus. Through its false cries of victimization, the organization sought to tarnish India’s image globally at the expense of the Hindus, refusing to mention the torture suffered by the Hindus at the hands of the ‘minorities’. As a biased organization, Amnesty International propagates false news and stories in order to harm Hindus and destroy Sanatan Dharma. The same Amnesty International failed to speak on Hindu minority rights when they were being tortured in Afghanistan, Pakistan, or Bangladesh. In spite of the Taliban’s brutal rule or the torture women face in Iraq, Amnesty International failed to speak out for the rights of women.

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PETA is another major offender on the list, an organization whose sole focus is to lecture Hindus on animal rights. In recent years, PETA has systematically targeted Hindu festivals, such as Holi and Diwali. Indulging in shoddy photoshoots with celebrities is an attempt to gain attention by demonizing Hindus and their practices. When PETA keeps quiet about the atrocities perpetrated on dogs during China’s Yulin Dog Meat Festival, or when cows are brutally tortured and smuggled across Islamic countries, you can see their hypocrisy levels at work. Indulging in selective targeting of India and its people smacks of a greater conspiracy.


Another contentious organisation is Oxfam. This international organisation with nefarious interests fawns over the Congress. For an NGO, they seem to be quite disruptive to India’s politics. Their CEO, Amitabh Behar suggested that the Congress should work closely with the “civil society”, which includes a number of “urban naxals”. Furthermore, it’s recent claims that the poor and middle class are paying more taxes than the rich seems to a mathematical anomaly. They are themselves unsure about their claims and use the term “indicative inference” to get away from it!

NGO Fundings Under Modi Government

Since his coming to power, Prime Minister Modi with the BJP have brought down the iron hand on the activities of various NGOs. The state’s crackdown on their foreign fundings began within weeks of Modi assuming power.

The year 2014-15 saw a decline in NGOs by 30%. The foreign funded organisations also decreased. The later half of 2015 saw the cancellation of 10,117 NGOs across the country. The government very categorically stated that the said NGOs were shut down because they had not filed their annual returns for the financial years 2009-2010, 2010-11 and 2011-12. The most prominent cancellation was of Greenpeace.

(pc Newslaundry)

Going by the decrease in the number of NGOs, the foreign money pumped into India has also gone down. No direct correlation between the two is established even though one feeds the other. Another interesting fact came to light. The BJP run states have fewer number of NGOs as compared to the states by the non BJP government.

The systematic decline in the foreign fundings in NGOs is not limited to India alone. Many countries are following the suit of global crackdown on the NGOs. This is mainly due to the dubious workings they carry out in the back.

(pc Newslaundry)

Foreign funders like Savage of Amnesty International laments the process and calls it a hurt to the Human Rights. However, the Human Rights were already in dumps while these organisations carried out their villainous atrocities. They may cry wolf now but given their way, these NGOs and their foreign funders will not hesitate to burn down any nation for their greedy goals of power.



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