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Supremacy of Indian Parenting and Family Values

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The issue of parenting is a hot springing topic of the day. There’s much debate that has been spewing over in the West for decades regarding the “right” parenting for children. Much flaw exists in their schemes of child rearing, which ironically they consider to be “proper”.

Flawed Western Child Care

It is a very common practice in the West for the parents to let their child self soothe and pacify themselves since the day they are born. In fact, they support the child to sleep separate from the parents. Not only that, they look down upon Asian families whose children are snuggled next to their parents. Not only that, they feel a superiority complex when it comes to their parenting.

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The success rate of Indians and Asians in most fields is also because they get to experience very sheltered lifestyles and are not emotionally estranged since their birth. They still live with both their parents and have a sense of family security to rely upon. This increases their success ratein their work fields and academics.

As opposed to this, the Western kids live with at least one step parent, and in most cases are emotionally estranged from their biological parents. Not only that they also fall victim to emotional and sexual abuse from their foster/step parent. Studies have shown how degraded the Western family order is. This has resulted in an increase of substance abuse amongst the youth.

Childcare Scams

A case came up in media a couple of years back which showed the gross act of the Norwegian Child Welfare Services, Barnevernet.

They preyed upon the Indian family and their ignorance for the Asian culture was showcased to the world. The simple acts of maternal duties were seen as “unhealthy’ by Barnevernet.

They used this as the base for taking away multiple children of Asian descent and putting them in the foster care system. According to sources, these systems are rigged. Each child that is put in the system fetches money to the agencies from the government.

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These Child Care Services are so grossly hypocritical that they do not cease to consider the mental and emotional trauma they cause to the child. The Human Rights also seem to hold back their tongue in this scenario.

Indian Family Ethos

India is a country with a strong social order going on from centuries, the family system remaining intact. The issue that Westerners discriminated against Indians and our practices without any definite logic. Their practices and perspectives are totally flawed and have been proven again and again since the last century. And with the advent of modern lifestyle, their status has fallen down to the lowest.

India’s ancient order is still in practice with some minimal changes according to the pace of industrialisation. But, if we talk about the Indian family system and parenting, which is sustainable and long-lasting. On one hand, the west has a complete fall out on the social front, India has mechanisms to support themselves.

Indian Parameter of Parenting

When we look at the situations, India’s family system is the centre point of creating an ideal society and human being. In this family, parents are the axis of the whole world. In Indian context, parent is equated with the ‘Ishvara’. Parents are given the high pedestal of the first teacher and the one who brings the child on earth, therefore they are foremost to be respected. A parent is the first teacher and protector of the child and lineage. Hence, the responsibility of the parent is also highest. A child is brought into the family as a respect to the ancestors and the society by the couple who bring the child into life.

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In the Indian context, the life of the child is also a gift to the ancestors, society and nation. Therefore it is the responsibility of the family to build the character of the child in such a form that it is auspicious for all. And here, auspicious signifies beneficial and joyful. Because, the attributes of a human being are respected in the society, so parents have this accountability. When a child acquires great position and shines through good deeds in the society, parents are hailed.

Ancient Parenting in India

Whenever, the name of 5 Pandavas are taken their mother Kunti is hailed as mother of the conquerors. Since ancient times, we know that for the wrongdoings of a son like Duryodhana, his father is blamed. Dhritarashtra is blamed for the greed and over-ambitious nature of Duryodhana, because he was imposing his inferiority complex over his son. So, Indian history is replete with such examples where parents’ accountability is being set.

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Therefore, taking the set order and examples from the Indian scenario, the west can learn about the parameters of parenting. The deplorable condition of the western society lies in their utter negligence towards their duties. And in India, we have a fantastic amalgamation of duty and affection in the case of children. A couple who has a child is made to be very serious with the struggles of bearing a family, along with the conditioning of the child with love. Forming smaller habits to prepare the child for the struggles ahead in the harsh world, is a part of the parents’ life. Maa Jijabai and Maharani Jayvanta Bai are seen as an epitome of great motherhood who created the destiny of this nation in the form of their sons.

Realise the Blessing of Indian Parenting

While many Westerners have their own criticisms of the Indian parenting, it is without a doubt one of the most loving ones. The child receives loving and caring till they are old enough. They have a reliable family to fall back on. Not only that, they always have the security and safety of a close knit family environment.

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