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Demography Change In Gujarat – Demand For Disturbed Areas Act Arises

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With the rapid change in Gujarat’s demography, especially in Manekwadi, Devbag, Anantwadi, Gita chowk, and Pragji Dave Sheri in Bhavnagar, residents are demanding the implementation of the Disturbed Areas Act. Residents of Bhavnagar have raised concerns regarding the growing Muslim population for years. Across India, Muslims have ‘gheraoed’ Hindu settlements, and with their population steadily increasing, they aim to displace Hindus. The Muslims have sought to convert Hindus and increase their population by targeting Hindus.

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Enhanced Islamic Threat

In Gujarat, the same has been happening for a long time under the BJP government. Government machinery doesn’t blink an eye as Hindus are made sacrificial lambs. Hundreds of Hindus from disturbed areas marched along with the VHP unit of Bhavnagar and presented a memorandum to the district magistrate.

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The agitated Hindus in that region raised their concerns previously, but no action was taken. The ever-increasing Muslim population has contributed to the increase in Muslim attacks against Hindus. Hindus said the Muslims bought houses in the area when the prices were high, then usurped the properties nearby when the prices fell. However, this is not the first-time residents of Bhavnagar have requested the Disturbed Areas Act is implemented.

Disturbed Areas Act

The definition of the Disturbed Areas Act is in any area within a State extensive disturbance of the public peace and tranquillity, by reason of differences or disputes between members of different religious, racial, language, or regional groups or castes or communities, it may, by notification in the Official Gazette, declare such area to be a disturbed area. The declaration of a disturbed area happens at the discretion of the local administration to maintain communal harmony and peace.

The transfer of immovable property in these areas requires an elaborate procedure. The seller in their application must mention that the transaction is happening of their free will.

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It is wrongly believed that this act applies only to cases in which one party is Hindu or Muslim. Due to the sensitive nature of the transaction involved, this act ensures that due process is followed. In doing so, the religious and community value of the areas, which are susceptible to demographic growth, is taken into account.


A growing Muslim population allows for torture, assault, killing, and looting of the local Hindu people. Despite the continuous valid demands of the Hindu community in Bhavnagar, the district administration has conveniently ignored them. Hindus have raised their voices in a legal and peaceful manner, while Muslims would have wreaked havoc had the tables been turned. It is the ambient nature of the Hindus that has led the administrative and political classes to take them for granted. India’s demography is at risk due to the sporadic rise of Muslim populations and settlements. It is likely that these unchecked incidents will lead to a larger debacle, resulting in barbaric attacks by Muslims against Hindus. The Hindus are struggling for survival in a state governed by a so-called party for Hindus, while Islamists are free to operate. If this incident is left unchecked, it could cause further and more serious damage.

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