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‘Peaceful’ Disrespects Kirti Chakra Martyr’s Widow!

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A “peaceful’ shamed Bharat when the widow of Kirti Chakra Martyr faced foul language and heinous intent on social media. This Veer Nari is a young woman who lost her husband in July 2023. Losing her soulmate barely 5 months into marriage makes her grief, even a year later, real and heart-wrenching! The widow and the bereaved mother of the fallen brave received the gallantry award from the President of India, Madam Draupadi Murmu.

Unfortunately, while the rest of the nation mourned the loss of a soldier and a promising young man, a ‘peaceful’ disrespected the memory of the soldier and his widow in his comments online. Social media broadcast the ceremony. However, this gave ‘peaceful’ Ahmad K. from Delhi an opportunity to make derogatory remarks on a photo of Kriti Chakra Captain Anshuman Singh’s widow. Let’s understand this heinous incident and the underlying disturbing mentality among the ‘peaceful’ segments of society!

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Disrespecting A Martyr’s Widow: A ‘Peaceful’ Reality

Captain Anshuman Singh was posthumously awarded the Kirti Chakra for his bravery and sacrifice for the nation. Clad in a white sari, his young widow Smriti Singh, stood with grace and dignity during the award ceremony. The social media post and video of the tragic love story of Anshuman and Smriti went viral for the right reasons. The nation mourned the loss of a soldier and displayed deep gratitude for the sacrifice of his family.

However, amidst the solemnity, a ‘peaceful’ reality showed its ugly mindset!

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Ahmad K. posted a lewd and derogatory comment on social media. Usually, ‘peaceful’ men give in to their dark intrusive thoughts on social media. However, ‘peaceful’ Ahmad’s remark showed his disgusting lack of respect for the widow of the fallen soldier. Additionally, it highlighted how ‘peaceful’ view Hindu widows in general. His words have sparked outrage with true-blue Indians calling for action.

NCW’s Strong Response: A Call for Justice

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Thankfully, the NCW took quick notice of the lewd remark, initiating swift action against Ahmad K. Highlighting the seriousness of the issue, the Commission’s letter to the Delhi Police outlined the legal provisions violated by the comment. Thereafter, they demanded a fair and timely investigation. This strong response sends a clear message that such behavior will not be tolerated.

The Commission’s intervention is crucial in setting a precedent for handling similar cases in the future. The NCW aims to ensure that Indian women are treated with courtesy by weaponizing relevant sections of the new Bharatiya Nyaya Samhita and the Information Technology Act. More importantly, it wants to guarantee that Veer Nari, like the widow of the Kirti Chakra Martyr, are treated with the respect they deserve.

Historical Context: ‘Peaceful’ Disrespect Of Hindu Widows

Dimensions of Hindu Sati Pratha
PC Hindupost

The derogatory comment on Smriti Singh is a symptom of an older mindset among the peaceful community! Throughout history, Muslim invaders targeted Hindu women. Under the security of Islam, they raped, pillaged, and enslaved unprotected Hindu females. To ensure women’s dignity, Bharat took to practices like Jauhar and Sati. The woman chose to die with honor rather than face verbal and physical attacks when the invading forces looted the region. Both practices show preferred cremation to avoid ‘peaceful’ necrophilia!

This mentality of harming the dignity of widowed women seems to persist in the minds of certain ‘peacefuls’, as evidenced by Ahmad K.’s comment.

Hindu widows were historically considered fair game by those ‘peacefuls’ who disrespect idolatresses. The practice of insulting and degrading them continues in the modern era. Thereby, revealing an unchanged ‘peaceful’ mindset that disregards the dignity and rights of women. This incident unmasks the demons in the hearts of ‘peaceful’ and shows their reality to the world! 

Unite To Uphold Dignity and Honor

Veer Naari | A tribute to brave Army Women of our Nation | Independence Day Special
PC Times Now

Smriti Singh may not be aware of how her pictures were subjected to vile behavior. However, Bharat knows and will not ignore the derogatory comments on a Kirti Chakra Martyr’s widow. Hindu women are not eye-candy for ‘peacefuls’ to drool upon! And the NCW’s complaint is not just on behalf of Veer Nari but also on behalf of all women who face their atrocious comments.

Let this cause unite the Hindus of Bharat. May every true Indian stand in solidarity against the foul ‘peacefuls’ who gape at a martyr’s widow with lust in their eyes! Do not forget the historical ‘peaceful’ pattern of targeting vulnerable women, particularly Hindu widows. This incident calls for collective action to uphold the honor of our heroes and their families. Let’s hope such disrespectful behavior meets swift and sure justice!!

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