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Nupur Sharma Slams Rahul Gandhi On ‘Hindu Hinsak Hai’ Jibe

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BJP’s suspended leader Nupur Sharma delivered a scathing counter to Rahul Gandhi’s controversial “Hindu Hinsak ” comment. Speaking at a Hindu Sabha on Bhagavad Gita, she unmasked the falsehood of such a narrative and defended the integrity of Hindus across Bharat. Her remarks were pointed, bold, and colored in the pain of the 1.2 billion Hindu majority of the nation. Was it a call for the protection of Hindu Voice? Let’s explore!

Nupur Sharma Delivers A Blazing Response To RaGa

Nupur Sharma slams Rahul Gandhi for his Lok Sabha speech, claims attempt to eliminate sanatanis - India Today
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Nupur Sharma didn’t hold back in her rebuttal when addressing a small Hindu Sabha. She trained her word to target Rahul Gandhi’s insinuations in Lok Sabha where he painted the entire Hindu community as violent. She spoke without explicitly naming him, “When individuals in high positions state that Hindus are violent, it is crucial to understand the underlying conspiracy.” Nupur Sharma poignantly stated that if Hindus were violent, then a Hindu Sanatani daughter like her would not be forced to live her life in a circle of security guards.

Nupur Sharma lost her freedom to speak in a Hindu-majority nation, not because Hindus are Hinsak BUt Because they are not

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Thus, her statements reflect a broader sentiment among many Hindus who feel maligned by political narratives peddled to gain vote-bank popularity. Additionally, she accused the INDI-Alliance of orchestrating campaigns to harm the united Hindu consciousness and plan an ‘Eradicate Sanatan Dharma’ agenda without qualms! Thereby, expressing her frustration with the constant vilification of Hindu culture and values while the INDI-Alliance spread Hindu-Hate.

Nupur Sharma Shows The Constitution To Extremism

Nupur Sharma Viral Video; Rahul Gandhi Hindu Hinsak Remark | UP News | नूपुर शर्मा बोलीं-मैं कुछ कहूं तो सिर तन से जुदा: गाजियाबाद में राहुल को जवाब- हिंदू हिंसक होता तो
PC Bhaskar

In her short speech, Nupur Sharma also emphatically stated that Bharat is not and will not be governed by Sharia law.

The ‘peacefuls’ of India are also answerable to the Indian Constitution and its laws. Not any religious or Sharia law! Her words underscored a staunch defense of constitutional principles over religious extremism. These statements counter the Kangaroo Court systems that accompany the ideology of Muslim Rashtra!

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The BJP had earlier condemned Rahul Gandhi for his statement, accusing him of branding Hindus as violent. Congress representatives defended Gandhi, arguing that he was criticizing the BJP, not the Hindu community as a whole. However, Nupur Sharma and the nation remain unconvinced. Rahul Gandhi’s words are Hinduphobic in nature. They are a reflection of the real and present threats faced by Hindu leaders, activists, and citizens of Bharat.

A Call for Courage and Sanity

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Nupur Sharma faces legal cases and fatwas for a clipped video made viral by Alt Media’s zoo-wala-bear. The true criminal who incited communal violence using Nupur Sharma was a ‘peaceful.’ He enjoys more freedom in Bharat than Nupur Sharma does currently. Thus, her critique of Rahul Gandhi’s statement resonates across the nation. It serves as a stark reminder that Bharat’s ‘secularism’ and ‘plurality’ exist due to the presence of tolerant Hindus. If Hindus were Hinsak, Nupur Sharma would not need a battery of guards to protect her life! 

Therefore, Nupur Sharam’s fearless stance against Rajhul Gandhi’s assault on Hindu identity echoes the sentiments of many who face marginalization in the name of secularism in Bharat.

Consequently, it is imperative that leaders like Nupur Sharma, who challenge radical narratives and stand firm in their beliefs, be protected and promoted by the BJP. Their voices should be given prominence to resonate with millions of Hindus and instill fear among radical ‘peacefuls’ or ‘rice bags.’ Let’s hope that BJP and PM Modi recognize the need to amplify Sanatani fighters like Nupur to become the true voice of Bharat. Let the nation be guided by leaders unafraid to speak the truth. Let Bharat Mata nurture these strong and fearless Sanatanis against all forms of extremism!

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