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Punjab Crisis: Nihang Sikhs Attack Shiv Sena Leader With Swords

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Punjab witnesses the consequences of enabling extremism. Reports state that  Nihang Sikhs brutally attacked Shiv Sena (Punjab) leader Sandeep Thapar in broad daylight near Ludhiana’s Civil Hospital. This brazen assault underscores the alarming decline of law and order in Punjab under the AAP-led INDI Alliance government.

Daylight Sword Attack Shocks Punjab

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Reportedly, three Nihang Sikhs ambushed Sandeep Thapar. The attackers intercepted Thapar who was returning from a memorial event. Thereafter, they attacked him in the middle of the street with swords. Thapar was accompanied by an armed Police guard at the time.

Despite the presence of his armed Punjab Police guard, Thapar was critically injured in the attack.

The assailants pushed the police guard behind an autorickshaw and fled on Thapar’s scooter. The entire incident, which occurred near a police post, was captured on CCTV, causing widespread outrage and fear among residents. However, the gruemsome part is that the accused maid a social media post to claim responsibiity in the name of Khalsa Pride.

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Punjab Police In Action – Arrests And Aftermath

Punjab: Shiv Sena leader Sandeep Thapar attacked by men dressed as Nihangs in the middle of traffic; condition serious
PC Organizer

Thapar’s accompanying officer, ASI Sukhwant Singh, was a mere mute spectator in the attack. However, he did immediately rush him to Dayanand Medical College and Hospital. Currently, Sandeep Thapar’s condition remains. The attack took place just meters away from a police post. Critics question the state of the lawlessness of attackers who are unafraid of police guards or police presence nearby.

Ludhiana Police confirmed the arrest of two suspects, Sarabjit Singh Saba and Harjot Singh alias Jota, both from Ludhiana.

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A third suspect, Tehal Singh Ladi, remains at large.

Two Nihang Sikhs arrested for sword attack on Shiv Sena leader on busy Ludhiana road | Chandigarh News - The Indian Express
PC The Indian Express

However, the police have intensified efforts to apprehend him, establishing checkpoints across the city. The attack has ignited a political firestorm. Shiv Sena (Punjab) chief Rajiv Tandon condemned the reduced security for Thapar. The family and party were upset that Sandeep’s security was reduced which enabled the extremists to assault the leader. 

Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann is under intense scrutiny. Opposition parties have called for his resignation. BJP leaders and Union Minister Ravneet Singh Bittu have slammed the government for failing to maintain law and order. Protests erupted as Hindu leaders blocked roads, demanding justice and safety assurances.

Punjab Pays For Encouraging Extremism?

Don't Blame the AAP For Working With the Sikh radicals, It Is a Healthy Development | The Caravan
PC The Caravan

The shocking nature of this attack is a stark reminder of the rising Khalistani extremism in Punjab. INDI Alliance partner, AAP, governs the state under CM Bhagwant Mann. The regin of AAP seems to have encouraged the rise of extremist elements in the state. Any act of lawlessness is celebrated. Additionally, anti-India speeches are rewarded and anti-social elements are given ticket for elections. Consequently, security forces seem shackled by the emboldened radicals in the state. Thereby, leading to an increase in violence and hatred in the state.

amritpal singh Parole gets 4 days parole expected to oath as mp on july 5 in parliament Waris Punjab De Chief No Entry In Punjab | Amritpal Singh: अमृतपाल सिंह की पंजाब

The lawlessness is palpable, with political leaders openly attacked and the police seemingly powerless to prevent it.

Thapar’s attack is not an isolated incident. It reflects the state government’s inability to curb these zealots who act without fear of legal consequences. The victory of Khalistani extremist Armitpal Singh in the Lok Sabha has lit the way for extremists in Punjab. Radicals are hell-bent on being part of the government to create an environment where lawlessness thrives.

A State In Crisis

Congress fuelling extremist elements in Punjab | by Political Guardian | Medium
PC Medium

Amidst growing criticism, the people of Punjab have condemned the attack. Most view it as a deteriorating law and order situation under Khalistani influence. The assault has triggered significant unrest in Ludhiana. Hindu leaders staged roadblocks, protesting against the police’s perceived ineffectiveness. The atmosphere in the city is tense, with residents fearing further violence. The public outcry has put additional pressure on the Punjab government to act decisively.

PC Magzter

Thapar, who survived the attack, recounted his ordeal from the hospital. “I was returning home with my gunman after attending a religious event when three Nihangs approached me near the Civil Hospital and started abusing me. They then attacked me with swords and snatched my gunman’s revolver,” he said. Thapar also revealed that he had received multiple death threats over the phone but claimed the police did not take these threats seriously.

The attack on Sandeep Thapar exposes the severe governance crisis in Punjab. The AAP-led INDI Alliance government is struggling to maintain control, and extremism is gaining ground. Public confidence in the state’s security apparatus is at an all-time low. As investigations continue, the community waits anxiously for answers. The people of Punjab demand justice for Thapar and immediate action to restore law and order. Let the brutal assault on Sandeep Thapar be a wake-up call for Punjab! Extremism demands a price which is paid in the blood of innocents! Therefore, there is no doubt – Punjab needs urgent attanetion and action to prevent further chaos!

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