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Blood On The Streets: BSP Leaders Hacked To Death In Tamil Nadu

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Tamil Nadu rocks the nation with another news of death and mayhem. In a shocking display of lawlessness the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) president for Tamil Nadu, K Armstrong, was hacked to death by a six-member gang near his house in Chennai.

This brutal murder of Dalit has the society outraged and on the streets demanding justice. It also raises serious questions about the deteriorating law and order situation under the INDI Alliance partners.

A Dalit Voice Silenced In Tamil Nadu

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Armstrong was a prominent advocate and a staunch Dalit voice. He was ambushed by the gang while conversing with party members outside his home in Perambur. The assailants, reportedly on motorcycles, inflicted grievous injuries with sharp weapons before fleeing the scene. Despite being rushed to Apollo Hospital by bystanders, Armstrong was declared dead on arrival. This gruesome murder has sparked outrage in Tamil Nadu, with BSP Supremo Mayawati demanding swift justice.

“The state government must punish the guilty,” Mayawati declared, condemning the killing.

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This horrific attack occurred in broad daylight. Consequently, it highlights the brazenness of the perpetrators. Witnesses describe a chaotic scene, with Armstrong desperately trying to fend off his attackers before collapsing from his injuries. The attackers’ escape adds to the growing concern about safety and the effectiveness of law enforcement in the state under DMK.

A Political AssassinationIn Tamil Nadu?

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Chennai Police have launched an extensive investigation, forming ten special teams to probe the murder. Eight individuals are currently in custody. Senior police officials suspect the murder could be a revenge killing. They link the assassination of gangster Arcot Suresh last year to this attack. Despite these efforts, the true attackers remain at large.

Some reports state that assailants posed as food delivery agents to execute their heinous plan.

The Tamil Nadu police are trying to piece together the events leading up to Armstrong’s murder. They are combing through security footage, interviewing witnesses, and analyzing forensic evidence. However, the lack of arrests of the assailants has fueled public frustration and skepticism about the police’s ability to handle such high-profile cases. Most Dalits of the area wonder if the assassination was a Political Murder! 

Is The Law And Order in Shambles Under DMK?

The opposition has fiercely criticized the ruling DMK government in Tamil Nadu. The Hooch tragedy coupled with this daylight assassination seems evidence of a collapsing law and order system. Leader of Opposition Edappadi Palaniswamy laments that if political leaders are being targeted openly, then how can the law and order protect the common man on the streets?

K Annamalai states that whereever one looks, there are murders or robberies in Tamil Nadu!

Crime in Tamil Nadu is rapidly rising. There have been multiple reports of rising crime and violence in Tamil Nadu. There are no reports of arrests in the Hooch Tragedy that killed more than 60 citizens. And K Armstrong assassination suspects are also at large. Therefore, critics argue that the government has failed to address the rising criminal activities in the state. Thereby, allowing mafia and gangs to operate with impunity in Tamil Nadu. Consequently, the killing of a Dalit leader like Armstrong only underscores the severity of the problem.

Are INDI Alliance States Crumbling?

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As Tamil Nadu grapples with this shocking murder, the pressure mounts on CM Stalin’s government to restore law and order. The call for justice is loud and clear, and the public demands swift action. The killing of K Armstrong is a wake-up call for the state and a challenge to the authorities to prove their commitment to protecting their citizens. The time for excuses is over; it is time for action.

However, this seems to be the pattern of all INDI Alliance-ruled states.

The state governments seem reluctant or unable to protect the opposition workers or supporters.

Despite calls for justice, States like West Bengal and Tamil Nadu are silencing the voice of the opposition leaders. The judiciary seems helpless in these states where their orders are only given lip service.

Thus, the murder of Dalit leader, K Armstrong, unmasks the state of affairs in Tamil Nadu. While the police struggle to take action, there are already attempts to turn the assassination into ‘gang violence.’ Let’s hope the state government is able to ensure justice for the Hooch Tragedy and this murder on the streets.

Hopefully, the DMK understands that time for complacency is over; the people demand decisive action!

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