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Telangana To Tamil Nadu: INDI Alliance Silent on Dalit Tragedies

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The pseudo-protectors of Dalit, minorities, and the downtrodden – the INDI Alliance – display its hypocrisy! They claim to be champions for the rights of the downtrodden and uphold the Constitution. However, they hide the truth of how the weak are oppressed or used in the states ruled by this unholy political alliance.

Telangana witnessed the horrific torture of a Dalit woman. Tamil Nadu saw the death of 56, of which 32 were Dalit, due to the Hooch Tragedy. These shocking incidents showcase the reality of these ‘protectors’ of the Constitution and Dalits. Let’s explore these Dalit tragedies in INDI-Alliance states.

Tribal Woman Assaulted in Telangana

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A horrifying incident in Telangana laid bare the vulnerability of marginalized communities under the INDI-Alliance’s rule. The Congress-led authorities promised quick action but have suppressed the news about the torturous treatment meted out to this tribal under their administration.

A 27-year-old Chenchu tribal woman from Nagarkurnool district was assaulted for a week by four individuals.

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She was attacked by the accused and her own sister as well as brother-in-law for missing work on the agricultural land. Here are the details of her torture:

  1. She was beaten with sticks and tortured by goons for a week.
  2. The woman was burned on her private parts and thighs.
  3. Red chili powder was put in her eyes and other parts of her body. 
Telangana Deputy Chief Minister Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka. (Image via X/@Bhatti_Mallu)

When the woman escaped, she gave her story to the police. Yet, this tortured tribal voice has yet to gain the attention of national media. Currently, the woman is receiving treatment at the Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS) in Hyderabad. Telangana’s Deputy CM Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka visited the victim and promised to cover all medical expenses.

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He also promised compensation to her victim by ensuring she got a house under the Indiramma housing scheme, education for her children, and land for cultivation. The four accused and the victim’s sister and brother-in-law have been arrested. All of them face charges of sexual assault, attempted murder, and other relevant IPC sections, including provisions under the SC/ST Act.

Dalit Deaths In Deadly Hooch Tragedy in Tamil Nadu

In Tamil Nadu, a devastating hooch tragedy in the Kallakurichi district has been making the news. These deaths expose the grim reality of the illegal alcohol trade under the DMK, an INDI Alliance partner. The current death toll has claimed 56 lives, with many more in critical condition.

The majority of the victims, 32 of the 56, were from the Dalit community. 

Tamil Nadu CM Stalin confirmed the use of poisonous methanol in the illicit alcohol. A one-man commission led by retired judge B. Gokuldas has been set up to investigate. BJP leader Sambit Patra condemned the INDI Alliance’s silence on the tragedy, calling it “murder” due to the high number of Dalit victims. AIADMK demands a CBI investigation into the alcohol trade, criticizing the state-appointed commission as inadequate. However, the ruling DMK has rejected all calls for a CBI inquiry.

Selective Silence And Obvious Hypocrisy

The INDI Alliance’s selective silence on these Dalit and Tribal tragedies in Tamil Nadu and Telangana raises alarming questions about their governance. If they can ignore and bury these grave injustices by offering benefits to the victim, does it mean that justice is served? In INDI-controlled states, lawlessness is rampant while the cost of living increases every 2 months. Thus, are these alliance partners really working for the betterment of Bharat and its people?

The current neglect of Dalit issues in these states shows how they have manipulated narratives to win votes. But the dot-dot brigade propagates greater injustices against the oppressed in their states. The INDI Alliance’s pattern of selective outrage shows that social justice is a jumla whereas political gains over human rights are the reality.

The CON-party-led alliance is unable to ensure justice for all sections of society in their states.

Instead, they buy the silence of victims by offering more freebies.

Thus, do they really deserve to be the ones promoting themselves as ‘Protectors’ of the Constitution? The glaringly obvious lack of condemnation by the INDI alliance partners highlights their failure to protect marginalized communities despite their lofty claims. Therefore, the selective protection of the oppressed and the constitution is just a strategy to gain votes. Hopefully, Bharat will see their true face and keep them out of the majority in the state elections yet to come. 

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