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The Unsettling Case of Robot Suicide!

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Can Robots commit suicide? Well in a surprising turn of events, a civil servant robot, working for Gumi City Council, South Korea has apparently committed suicide. According to news reports, the incident is of June 26th around 4 p.m. When people found the robot unresponsive at the bottom of a staircase with its parts all scattered around. Witnesses state that they had seen the robot behaving strangely, “circling in one spot as if something was there,” before its untimely death. According to the officials, the robot threw itself down a flight of stairs for some unexplained reasons.

This news has spread like wildfire, with many left puzzled and mourning.

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Suicide Due To Workload?…

The robot was working at the City Council since August 2023 and was a diligent worker plus a jack of all trades. From delivering documents to assisting the residents by providing them the required information. It worked tirelessly, moving around floors from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m. This diligent robot even possessed its own civil service officer card and, in fact, became the first robot to be appointed as an officer.

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However, this might be a probable reason for its untimely demise. As per the Daily Mail report, the robot was under excessive workload. The officials have collected its parts and have sent it was investigation. The reasons as to why it kept circling in one place, before it jumped, is also being investigated.

A One Of Its Own Kind…

The diligent civil service robot was developed by Bear Robotics, a start up from California. The company is known for creating robot waiters. However, unlike its restaurant counterparts, this robot was different. It was not only part of a pioneering project in South Korea but it also had a much broader range of duties and abilities. It could easily move around, perform various tasks and was able to even take elevators on its own.

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Overall, the robot’s sudden demise has sparked various emotions and debates in the society. While some are mourning and missing its presence in the City Council. Others are pondering over a need to develop some regulatory framework and guidelines for the robots. As of now, the Gum City Council has decided to replace it mechanical colleague. However, this tragic incident has also led to a pause in its robot adoption plans.

Whether this was really a “Robot Suicide” or just a “Malfunction,” time will tell. But this incident has definitely sparked discussions on the integration and the future of robots in our society. It also underlines the importance of mental health and the need to strike a balance in our daily lives.






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