Sunday, September 24, 2023

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Defence

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Artificial Intelligence and the future of defence is a very interesting phenomenon, understanding it becomes essential

War is as old as the human race itself. The evolution of war is linked to the evolutionary trajectory of humankind for thousands of years.

The advent of AI or Artificial Intelligence will change the course of warfare. It is the signature product of the Fourth Industrial revolution and is a leap into the future.

Nature of Future Weapons

The nature of these weapons will certainly be meant to reduce human casualties as low as possible, the weapons will possess in-depth knowledge of the concerned target, it can certainly take into account the range, precision, likelihood of casualties and the way to avoid them.

These weapons will be autonomous i.e., killer robots who are fed with the necessary intelligence to neutralize the target and come back unharmed.

While the robots may not be the best choice for a reconnaissance missions, an automated drone or fighter jet will be the perfect choice.

India is the Future

India, the IT superpower will be bound to take the lead on this AI use. During the recent visits of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to USA and France, pledges were made covering the domain of technical cooperation in the AI field and Quantum computing.

DRDO, ISRO and HAL are working on a war footing to make the most of AI in the field of defence.

The likelihood of seeing AI operated hunter killer drones, fighter jets and tanks may become a distinct possibility for India in the near future which may operate at the harshest of battlegrounds such as Dras in Kargil, Siachen glacier etc.

AI will revolutionise warfare, casualties will be minimised; our forces can hunt down the enemy and deal a death blow before they even see it coming.

Hence, Artificial Intelligence and the future of defence will revolutionize India and her booming defence sector.

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