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‘Peacefuls’ Turn Delhi Coaching Center Into Conversion Hub?

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An alarming piece of news from Delhi was heard on 4th July 2024. Manoj Kumar, a father of a 13-year-old boy, filed a chilling complaint with the Delhi Police. The complaint states that his son was allegedly being coerced into Islamic conversion by three ‘peaceful’ teachers at JMD Coaching Center.

The educators accused in the complaint are named Rizwan, Absar, and Irfan. The story sends a strong message of how ‘peacefuls’ use their positions to indoctrinate young minds. Let’s discuss how radicals can exploit educational spaces to spread extremism!

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‘Peacefuls’ Prey On Students In Delhi!

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The subtle conversion and coercion came to light when Manoj’s 13-year-old son began asking unusual questions about the Quran. He was also occasionally reciting the Kalma. Alarmed by these developments Manoj questioned his son closely. He discovered that teachers at JMD Coaching Center were pressuring his son and other Hindu boys to either embrace Islam or accept Islamic values in their ideology.

The ‘peaceful’ tutors disparaged Hindu deities and extolled the power of Islam!

Thereby, telling the children under their care to abandon their Hindu religion and embrace Quran instead.

The father further names three tutors at JMD – Rizwan, Absar, and Irfan; who were influencing his son to read the Quran. These extremists pressured the kids to recite Kalma repeatedly and denigrated Hinduism. Moreover, they claimed Islam would make them powerful. 

Victims Face Threats and Intimidation

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When Manoj Kumar confronted the coaching center, he was met with hostility and threats. A female teacher forwarded the parents the call to ‘peaceful’ Rizwan. Manoj’s questions regarding Kalma, Islam, and Quran regarding his son’s brainwashing got an angry response. The radical tutor abused the father and threatened the family.

The radical teacher went to the length of claiming kinship with Dawood Ibrahim to scare the concerned parent.

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Despite the seriousness of these allegations, Delhi Police has yet to register an FIR.

Organiser’s journalist Subhi Vishwakarma reported that the police station has been inundated with hundreds of concerned citizens, but no official action has been taken. The tution center is named JMD, Hindu parents are told it means ‘Jai Mata Di’! But the reality of the name,owner, or tutors remains unexplored! However, one thing is clear – radicals and extremists get access to innocent minds through this center. The open threats received by the parents showcase the ‘peaceful’ community’s ability to protect their own!

Protect Sanatani Bharat’s Future

In the video interview of the parent, he is seen asking that he does not want to trouble the ‘peaceful’ community! The fear and tension in his voice is real! Therefore, it is obvious that violence is a tactic often used by radicals to silence Hindu victims. Consequently, this incident at JMD Coaching Center should remind Bharat to not let their guard down! Radicals come in many disguises! They use societal structures and lapses in vigilance to further their extremist cause!

Similar to this Delhi Coaching Center, educational institutions can be effectively used by ‘peaceful’ zealots to propagate the One-Book ideology. Thus, this news from Delhi asks Sanatani Bharat to protect its future generations from being brainwashed into complacency! It underscores the need for vigilance and swift action to protect young minds from such predatory tactics. It seems that the zealots are out to “Get Them Young,” and only a foundation of Sanatani beliefs can save the future of Hindus in Bharat!

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