Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Forced Conversion

The Controversial Verdict: Religious Freedom vs. Forced Conversions

In a landmark ruling, the Allahabad High Court has drawn a sharp line between religious freedom and forced conversions, sparking intense debate and legal...

‘Peacefuls’ Turn Delhi Coaching Center Into Conversion Hub?

An alarming piece of news from Delhi was heard on 4th July 2024. Manoj Kumar, a father of a 13-year-old boy, filed a chilling...

Allahabad High Court Warns Against Unbridled Religious Conversions

The Allahabad High Court warns the nation of the repercussions of fervent religious conversions. In a landmark ruling, the High Court refused bail to...

Ghar Wapsi of Shiv Prasad Lodhi and Kavita After Twenty Years

After twenty years of living under the shadows of a forced religious conversion, Ghar Wapsi of Shiv Prasad Lodhi and Kavita took place! Their...

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