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CM Mamata Imposes Section 144: Kolkata Under Political Lock-Down

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Kolkata streets will face 60 days of Section 144 under the directives of CM Mamata Banerjee and the Kolkata Police. The ban on public gatherings may be due to two possibilities. One, the large-scale Sadhu Protests witnessed on the roads of Kolkata today! And two, the proposed roadshow by PM Modi before the final stage of polling in the state. 

This unprecedented imposition seems like a move to suppress the rebellion of the Hindus in the state capital region. Moreover, it implies that CM Mamata knows that Hindus of West Bengal will no longer stay silent spectators in the dance of democracy. Let’s talk about the political turmoil brewing in the state of West Bengal.

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Kolkata Faces 60 Days Of Section 144

CM Mamata is losing political grounds and credibility very fast this election cycle. Despite the numerous acts of violence against opposition workers, the TMC is no longer an acceptable choice for Hindu Bengalis. The political fight has taken on a ‘Do Or Die’ perspective for survival for the community.

Hence, the Kolkata Police has imposed Section 144 in on certain sections of the state capital region which will prohibit the assembly of more than four people. They claim this imposition is necssary to prevent ‘voilent demonstrations’. But against WHOM? No one dares to answer!!! Consequently, Kolkata will be under strict laws against public gatherings between 28th May 2024 to 26th July 2024. 

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Possibility 1: Saffron Clad Sadhus Walk The Streets Of Kolkata 

Many analysts see this Section 144 imposition as an attempt to suppress dissent and avoid backlash generated via the protest of devout Hindu Sadhus in Kolkata and other parts of the state. Historically uninvolved in state politics, the Sadhu community seems to have now drawn battle lines against TMC. Recently, CM Mamata launched a verbal attack at a political rally against Ramakrishna Mission, ISKCON, and Bharat Sevasharam Sangha. Hours later goons attacked a franchise of the Ramakrishna Mission in the state. The verbal condemnation, allegations, and the physical attack became a hot topic of discussion.

Unable to take the political injustice and alleged attacks by TMC supporters, revered spiritual institutions and their Sadhus walked the roads of Kolkata clad in Bhagwa.

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The sight was a Saffron Wave of dissent and dissonance. The streets of Bengal rang with chants of JAI SHRI RAM!! Fearing a significant public backlash from Bengali Hindus, CM Mamata Banerjee may have placed Kolkata in an emergency-like state under section 144!

Possibility 2: An Attempt To Stop The BJP Saffron Wave

The BJP seems to think that the imposition of Section 144 is an act of a desperate leader. The word on the ground is that Greater Kolkata goes to poll on 1st June 2024. Additionally, PM Modi himself was scheduled to conduct a roadshow on the 28th of May 2024. Fearing support for the rising opposition in Bengal, the BJP alleges that CM Mamata has directed the Kolkata Police to enforce Section 144 for 60 days. The imposition period will start from the proposed day of PM Modi’s roadshow on May 28 and will continue till July 26th. Therefore, this period of Section 144 encompasses crucial political events in the region. 

Many seem to think that CM Mamata is scared of her dwindling support in Kolkata and West Bengal.

Thus, she has resorted to the usual tactics of disallowing permission and individual freedoms.

Remember when Amit Shah‘s helicopter was not allowed to land in Kolkata? Also do recollect how the NIA and ED were not allowed to conduct raids or arrests without the TMC administration’s knowledge or permission! Thus, BJP supporters think that TMC Supremo is using the Kolkata Police as a shield to stop the BJP from campaigning before the polls. They term this Section 144 imposition as a preemptive measure aimed to stifle the growing Saffron Wave in the state. Moreover, it seems to be a last-ditch effort to keep control of the rising support for the opposition against the TMC regime.

A Call for Action

ममता सरकार 2 महीने के लिए कोलकाता में लगाने जा रही धारा-144, PM मोदी से क्‍या है इसका कनेक्‍शन? - News जन मंथन
PC News जन मंथन

Therefore, netizens and citizens alike allege that CM Mamata Banerjee’s administration is fostering a climate of fear and dominance in West Bengal. Moreover, the move by the Commissioner of Police shows that the citizens of Kolkata are ready to reclaim their state from the hands of goons.

The verbal allegations and physical attack on Hindu places of worship and sanctuaries has probably shaken away the last dredges of trust Hindu Bengalis had in the TMC. As Sadhus marched the streets to show their dissatisfaction with the administration, the TMC seems to be losing its political capital swiftly. The devout Hindu population of Bengal look ready to challenge TMC’s reign and restore the state’s cultural and spiritual integrity.

Consequently, West Bengal under CM Mamata Banerjee faces a critical political and social juncture. The imposition of Section 144, the Sadhus on the streets, and the allegations of political stifling color the air of West Bengal in Saffron. As public discontent grows, the call for a return to peace and justice becomes ever more urgent. Let’s hope the people of West Bengal vote wisely in this election. May the wave of change begin! Jai Hind!

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