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Arvind Kejriwal ‘s Bollywood Debut: Latest Political Drama

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In a desperate attempt to garner sympathy and deflect attention from the Swati Maliwal assault case, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has resorted to a theatrical display, shamelessly exploiting his elderly and ailing parents. Arvind Kejriwal, known for his melodramatic antics, has taken his political grandstanding to a new low, dragging his frail parents into the limelight and using them as pawns in his game of blame-shifting. Arvind Kejriwal stoops to a new low! 

The Episode Unfolds

On Thursday, Kejriwal staged a grand performance, appealing to Prime Minister Narendra Modi not to involve his parents in their ongoing feud. With exaggerated concern, he cited their advanced age and poor health, claiming that his 85-year-old father and 76-year-old mother, who had recently been hospitalized, were being targeted by the Delhi Police in connection with the Swati Maliwal assault case.

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A Desperate Plea or a Calculated Move?

Kejriwal’s plea reeked of desperation, as he attempted to divert attention from the serious allegations leveled against his aide, Bibhav Kumar, who stands accused of physically assaulting Maliwal, an AAP Rajya Sabha MP. In a theatrical display of filial devotion, Kejriwal questioned the Prime Minister, “Do you think they have done something wrong? Why will the cops interrogate them?”

Exploiting Elderly Parents for Political Gain

The Delhi Chief Minister’s actions were a blatant exploitation of his elderly parents, using their frailty as a shield against scrutiny. Kejriwal, known for his confrontational politics, skillfully played the victim card, attempting to garner sympathy and deflect attention from the allegations of violence within his own party.

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The Truth Behind the Theatrics

However, the truth behind Kejriwal’s dramatic performance is far from the concerned son’s facade he portrays. Additionally, according to reports, the Delhi Police had no immediate plans to interrogate Kejriwal’s parents, suggesting that the Chief Minister’s claims were nothing more than a publicity stunt.

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A Recurring Pattern of Melodrama

This is not the first time Kejriwal has resorted to such theatrical antics. Throughout his political career, he has repeatedly employed melodramatic tactics, from orchestrated arrests to hunger strikes, in an attempt to portray himself as a martyr and deflect attention from his party’s shortcomings.

Arvind Kejriwal’s latest act of dragging his elderly parents into the political limelight is a shameful display of opportunism and a blatant disregard for the dignity of his own family members. Instead of addressing the serious allegations against his aide with transparency and accountability, he has chosen to exploit his parents’ vulnerabilities for his own political gain. Consequently, the people of Delhi deserve better than this cheap theatrics and deserve a leader who prioritises governance over grandstanding.

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