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Breaking The Lies Of The Aryan Invasion Theory

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Almost every student of the nation is aware of the Aryan Invasion Theory. The very theory that puts forth the fact that the “superior” race from mid European region settled in India. Hence started the Rig Vedic age. So basically, the very identity of Hindus, according to the Aryan Invasion Theory, is that of foreign settlers in Indian subcontinent.

Aryan Migration Theory upheld by two new genetic studies. Why did Indian media report the opposite?

Aryan Dravidian Divide

The Aryans came to India, created the Ved and drove off the dasas. It was a convenient theory to create a regional divide. After 1945, the “Aryan” political discourse fell out of favour in the West, but it was retained in India by Christian missionaries, Ambedkarites, Dravidianists, and Nehruvians. It is noteworthy that Dr. Ambedkar himself was against the Aryan Invasion Theory.

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The alleged Aryan-Dravidian split is a fable. According to the Nature research, most Indians are genetically similar. This refutes the concept of an Aryan-Dravidian divide. The research cites three genetic investigations. Other investigations have shown that individuals in north and south India are genetically identical and have the same genetic lineage.

Let the “Aryan” debate become a debate again - Bridge India
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Ancient Tamil Sangam literature, which goes back to around 300 BCE, also refutes claims that the Dravidians belong to a different, non-Hindu culture. The oldest Tamil Sangam literature mentions the Mahabharata. Sangam literature also mentions the Vedas and the Ramayana. The whole Bharat is mentioned in Sangam literature, beginning with territories to “the north of the Himalayas”. This contradicts the assumption that the Dravidians were restricted to the south of Bharat.

Vilification Of Castes

It is evident that the contrived conceptions of the “Aryan-Dravidian divide” and the “high caste”-“low caste” division have no validity in actuality.

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The mainstream Aryan Invasion Theory narrative, which portrays Indo-Aryan (Hindu) culture as hegemonic, racist, intolerant, rapacious, and inegalitarian. It imposes an Indian version of “white guilt” on persons of Indo-Aryan ancestry. Further, it engenders deep resentment and a desire to right historical wrongs among persons of Dravidian and “Dalit” ancestry. This manifests itself in various forms such as separatism and rejection of Hinduism and Indian culture, among others.

This propaganda is particularly run by Leftists, Dravidian Separatists and Missionaries among others. They seek to divide and break the fibre of India. It serves their political mission and helps them sustain their disgusting livelihood.

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There is truth in the world with its hints buried beneath our feet, dispersed throughout our languages and literature, and encoded deep into our DNA. Science is the secret. The knowledge and tools necessary to look into and solve the enigma at at out disposal. It’s time to put it to use. According to archaeological data, our great civilisation began at least nine and a half millennia ago. the genetic evidence suggests that it began fifteen and a half millennia ago. The chronicles of our great forebears’ exploits have been lost, destroyed by flames and depredations over the centuries. The least we can do to honour our forefathers is work to uncover the truth about them.




Aryan Invasion Myth: How 21st Century Science Debunks 19th Century Indology


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