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Hypocrisy Of The “Peacefuls”

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In the midst of a month of “peaceful purity”, the “peacefuls” have been exceptionally violent. While this is their nature, it still comes at the cost of human lives of Hindus. During this month of purity, so many horrifying incidents have come to light that it makes the soul shudder with horror.

Shahrukh Saifi Sets Fire To A Train

Caught from Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshehar, Saifi burnt alive innocent lives. Why?! Cause in this month of “religiousness”, the violent factor shoots up rapidly.

The case pertains to Kozhikode in Kerala where Saifi set fire to passengers in a moving train on Sunday by sprinkling petrol, in which eight people including women were injured and 3 passengers died.

The sad part is that this is the population of “scared minorities”!

Creating Unprecedented Nuisance

Hindus are shamed for the violence in Bihar and Bengal. They are accused of being inappropriate infant the the masjid. How does one describe this then?

This lewd behaviour is not an occurrence of one time but is a constant. How is this justified? It is so saddening to see throngs of Hindus forced to leave their homes in Sasaram. But they are still blamed for inciting the “peacefuls”!

Will Justice Be Served?

The suffering Hindus now await one question – will they ever get justice? The constant shaming of the victim whilst protecting the terror mongers is not acceptable. The authorities need to stop playing their political gambits here. There are lives that are lost. And the

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