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Is Reservation Valid after Conversion; A Conclave On A Serious Issue For Hindus

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As the awareness regarding the situation of Hindus and the rapid conversions is increasing, many organisation and group of people are coming forward to build a narrative around this. Since, Jaipur Dialogues has always been insistent upon the course of building narrative. The similar change can be seen among the society, where Hindus are waking up to the core issues.

On the similar lines a two- day programme was organised in collaboration of Vishwa Samvad Kendra and Gautam Bhuddha University. This conclave focused on the theme of ‘Conversion and Reservation’.

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Reservation After Conversion?

As we all are aware of the current wave of Christian conversion in India, this issue is mingling with the rights of Hindus. Once a person is converted to Christian or Islam religion, the reservation given to them continues. Since, many people who are converted they do not reveal it to the authorities. And therefore, continue enjoying the perks of caste based reservation.

Caste based reservation is one such support given to the scheduled caste and scheduled tribes who belong to Hinduism. But, soul harvesters are insistent upon using every means of tactics to coax people.

Eminent Academicians Participated In Conclave

Dr Surendra Jain, Kendriya Samyukta Mahamantri of Vishwa Hindu Parishad said a very important thing. That, the slogan of ‘Bheem-meem’ is a plot to eliminate the Scheduled Caste society. he targeted the ‘religions’ saying that they have nothing to do with the welfare of these people. Rather, they are only inclined to increase their population.

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He called upon the legalists, sociologists and educationists to bring this debate at the forefront of discussion.

Dr. S.C. Sanjeev Rayappa presented his paper quoting that ‘converted people are more protected, while SCs are the unsung heroes. He mentioned that by giving reservation to the converted, conversion will increase rapidly.

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He focused on the social circumstances saying that the converted people will pressurize the other Hindu residents of the village and even threaten them. This would be a situation for deadlock for Hindus.


The issue is nothing new, however a whole social debate and a Pro-Hindu narrative must be taken forward. This step by the Vishwa Samvad Kendra and Gautam Bhuddha University is commendable and assures of a building narrative. Coming from the intellectual class of the society the debate must be seeped into the common lingua franca so that general Hindus are also aware.

The misuse of reservation by the converts is also a political as well as matter concerned with the government.





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