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Bihar, Bengal, Jharkhand Wounded By Islamic Violence Against Hindus

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The going on violence against Hindus in West Bengal, Bihar and Maharashtra is neither unprecedented nor surprising. But, it is an open play of jihadi terrorism. On the occasion of Ram Navami, the mobs of Muslims attack the Ram Navami procession. Thus, riots are incited in the many cities and areas of these states. But, for many vultures, the proof of violence against Hindus is not enough. They haven’t stopped playing with the facts. And trying to show the cause of the violence as the Hindu Festival.

Violence Against Hindus in Bihar

Hindus of Sasaram and Nalanda are crying as the riots were inflicted upon them. On the auspicious occasion of Ram Navami shops were looted in Nalanda and public property burnt.

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In this trail of events, Hindus are badly affected while the police authorities are acting against the victim. Yes, as usual Hindus are targeted even by the authorities and the world media. While, the other side is playing victim card according to the pattern. Many people were arrested, but according to the reports fewer are those who began the riots. Muslims are not even considered in case of perpetrating the violence.

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Time and again it has been claimed that Hindus took the Ram Navami Shobha Yatra from the Muslim dominated area.

Therefore, Hindus light the fire of violence by instigating Muslims. Even a 15 year boy in Biharsharif district got killed in the mob violence. His name was Mukesh Kumar.

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Violence Against Hindus In Jharkhand

In Jharkhand as well the fire of violence against Hindus has started to spread. In Sahibganj earlier stones were pelted on Devi’s murti. During the Navami devi visarjan procession islamist mobs pelted stones. Eventually, the shops were attacked and burnt.

It was Bengal, where the violence against Hindus began. And everyone knows how the police and authorities responded. This has become a continuous plan of actions for jihadi violence.

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Islamists Playing Victim cards

To prove their innocence the whole national and international lobby has been activated. They are doing media PR, international voicing and the local government support is also with them. So that again and again the message goes that Hindus are the one who are inflicting violence against Muslims. And the gentle jihadi mobs who were praying during Ramadan was played upon by the Hindus. But everybody knows the truth.

The international media is insistent on showing hoe the Madarsa Azizia was ablaze in Biharsharif, Nalanda. And they are trying to justify that this has been provocatively done by the Hindus.

There are many incidents that have happened last year as well in many states. In those incidents there are proof that how Hindus were terrified and what they had to face. And even today people are suffering during the auspicious occasion of our festivals.





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