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‘Wokeism’,’Gender Fluidity’, and ‘Gender Pronouns’ – The Doom of the West

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The Western nations of the USA, Canada and the UK are facing a major cultural revolution that spells their impending doom. The first-world society ‘woke-ists’ have been brainwashed into questioning their own identity as a person. Thereby, leading to a complete disintegration of the ‘West’ into a form of gender confused madness in the name of inclusivity.

The Dangerous Denial of Sex - WSJ
PC Wall Street Journal

The Transgender wave has reached an unwanted crescendo; where gender confusion is encouraged by the education system. Thus, sexuality is an open conversation in the normalized western elementary level education system. Medical professionals recommend puberty blockers and gender surgery for children that are ineligible to vote or drive. This gender madness is now knocking on the doors of India, the most populous country of the world. Woke Indians must understand the consequences of this “Gender Fluidity” and “Gender Pronouns” that is facing push-back from the rational segments of western society.

“Gender Fluidity” and the “Gender Pronoun” Era

Why It's Crucial to Talk to Kids About Pronouns | Time

The West is currently facing a crisis on the definitions of woman, womanhood, motherhood, etc. The latest woke trend there is Gender Dysphoria. This mental disorder that leads a person to feel disconnected to their sex gave birth to the “Transgender Ideology“. Currently, over 5% of young adults in the USA suffer from this disorder under the guise of ‘Tran-genderism’ or ‘Gender Fluidity’. Although only 1.6% of the adult US population identifies as ‘Trans’; this trans-agenda and its allied forces are pushing the western society into chaos.

The simple definition of a woman as an adult human female is enough to draw the attention of the “Cancel Culture” mob on social media. Politicians and lawmakers find themselves at crossfire with the woke western public on any question related to this disorder. The woke youth of the west have defined over 100 gender identities and related pronouns that they insist one must use to interact with them. Misgendering someone on the basis of looks, physique, and clothes is related by the modern ‘woke-ist’ as an act of violence.

The LGBTQ community has evolved into the LGBTQIA+ community; completely taking over 26% of the English alphabet in their attempts to enlarge their group of supporters. They are ready to usher in the new tomorrow where mental confusion is celebrated, gender and pronouns can be selected as desired, and contradictors are put behind bars.

Consequences of Celebration of Gender Dysphoria

Erasure of Women

Cultural Erasure of Women: How Women are Remembered in History - Polemics
PC Polemics – Magazine

All actions have consequences. This is clearly visible in the West with the celebration of ‘Gender Fluidity’ concepts and all that it entails. Transgender ideologists are renaming women; who were born as female and identify as female; as “Cis-Women”, “Chest-feeders”, and “Breeders”. Female hygiene products are marketed by people who do not have a uterus, do not have menstrual cycles, and will never give birth. Thus begins the slow and systematic erasure of the identity of a woman.

The End of Women in Women Sports

Transgender sport advocates 'must prove it's safe' for women | The Australian
PC The Australian

The “Gender Pronoun ” era does not just police language; it has deeper and far more dangerous consequences. The normalization of self identifying of gender has male athletes identifying as women to compete in women’s sports. These male athletes did not rank in male sports. However, these trans-athletes are winning gold medals in the women’s sports, while actual female athletes are left behind in their dust. The trans-women who have the biological ability of a man are competing in women-only sports. These pseudo-women are males whose only claim to womanhood can be their medical disorder, supplementary hormones, and plastic surgery. This can only lead to the end of women in Women Sports.

Disappearing Safe Spaces for Women

A few cases of trans-women’s incarceration with women prisoners have also caught the attention of the rationalists. Male rapists, murderers, etc. were affirmed to identify as women by law; thereafter, they were jailed with women in prisons. Consequently, reports show a rise in pregnancy in women prisoners in such situations. Additionally, these pseudo-women oppress women convicts in the secured space of a jail cell. The law that was supposed to provide a safe place for incarnations of women, is instead subjecting them to the tyranny of trans-women.

Additionally, trans-women can use public spaces for women; like toilets, spas, locker rooms, etc. This is justified by the woke community by the slogan ‘Trans-women are women’. Thus, the woke mob wants women, who are female down to their DNA, to be comfortable by the presence of mentally-confused men in their safe spaces.

Any contradiction in action or words is labeled as ‘Transphobia’ by the ‘woke-ists’. This label can result in loss of job, loss of home, physical attack in public places, or abuse on social media.

Gender Fluidity and India

Recently there were appeals against article 377 of the Indian Penal Code. Additionally, appeals for approval of “Same-Sex Marriage” were also entertained by the Supreme Court of India. The west-loving-modern-woke public are classifying these agendas under this LGBTQIA+ umbrella. They want India to legalize same-sex marriage, encourage gender fluidity, and accept gender pronouns. The woke west wants to make India into an example for the rationalized sect of the rational west.   

Kerala: The transgender couple whose pregnancy photos went viral - BBC News

In Kerala, a ‘trans-woman’ got a ‘trans-man’ pregnant. The media is celebrating this trans-family by affirming their confusion. Indians that support this agenda must question if they are ready to surrender their culture, heritage, and common sense on the altar of ‘woke-ism’. They must recognize this ideology really implies normalization of a mental disorder called Gender Dysphoria. The Indian community has quietly accepted the presence of the LGBT community on the condition that they do not threaten the general people with their choices. However, advertisements like #ItStartsWithYourName from multinational corporation is slapping affirmation of gender confusion in the face of modern Indians.

Real Winner of Gender Fluidity

Transgender Discrimination in Healthcare | Institute for Health Policy Leadership
PC Institute for Health Policy and Leadership

Major pharmaceutical corporations, medical community, and mental health professionals are the real winners of this woke transgender era. The mental health professionals are handing out gender dysphoria cards like candy. They encourage parents and youths to undergo expensive treatments that affirm this disorder rather than cure it. The individuals that buy-into the trans-ideology undergo expensive life-long hormone therapy, increased dissonance from self and society, and/or expensive gender mutilation surgeries. Pharmaceutical industry exploits these confused individuals for money. The medical professionals want to thrive on the increasing trans-population; as they will continue on as their patients for life.

The Western society on the whole is on the brink of breakdown. Western divorce rates are on the rise, abortions are on the rise, and crime is on the rise. The first-world nations encourage mental disorders and confusions under such extreme social circumstances. Moreover, they want to push their impending doom onto India and the East. Woke media, companies, and people in India must closely examine the Tran-ideology in the petri dish on the west. Thereafter, they must decide if India should also be subjected to this madness under the guise of ‘woke-ism’.

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