Saturday, June 15, 2024

Unnecessary Schooling of Hindus Via Starbucks

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Starbucks has now joined the new line of Woke propaganda. Interestingly, this sickness of the west is plaguing India now. The propaganda is run on every platform possible with a sick mentality to guilt trip the naive Hindus.

The cost of education is a growing concern, particularly in developed countries. Many middle-class families struggle to afford college for their children. However, some members of certain faiths may view Hindus as lucky. This group receives free education from the global community.

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Recently, a prominent coffee company, Starbucks, released an advertisement about LGBT rights that featured a boy transforming into a girl. While discrimination against non-binary individuals is wrong, it is uncertain if this advertisement would be appropriate in other countries with Muslim majority. Despite this, Hindus are fortunate to have access to free education. It will be interesting to see how this pans out in Arab countries where a letter changes the gender of an individual! Will Starbucks survive there then?

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Why The Western Wokeism?!

The term “wokeism” has become a widely-used label to describe a range of social movements that promote propaganda.

It seeks to challenge systemic inequalities. While these movements have gained significant traction in recent years, they have also faced criticism and backlash due to their aims and methods.

There have been concerns about the focus on identity politics within “wokeism.” While the movement seeks to promote equality and inclusion, there is an excessive focus on group identity. What is worse is that these identities are shoved down people’s throats!

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Hindus Always Suffer

Interestingly, the ad talked about a Hindu family wait for their son “Arpit” who is now “Arpita”. Why not “Salim” becoming “Salima”? Or “Gabriel” becoming “Gabriella”? Why is it that this sick garb of wokeism always targets and guilt trios the Hindus? Dare they run such campaigns in other Asian nations?!

It now appears that everything that is out on any platform, purely teaches Hindus on “how they should behave”. Often it is subtle manipulation but sometimes it comes out in this blaring ugly form! What makes it worse is that this nonsense is already showing its side effects in the West. sadly, while the West is a morally degraded society, this agenda is now pushed here in India. Must we sit through this nonsense and watch the society collapse?!


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