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Symbolic Continuity: Prime Minister Modi to Reinstate ‘Sengol’ in the New Parliament Building

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In a fascinating turn of events, the enigmatic artifact from the Chola dynasty, known as ‘Sengol,’ has reemerged in public discourse. It was originally handed over to India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, as a symbol of power transition. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s plans to place this historical treasure in the new Parliament building. This article explores the significance of ‘Sengol,’ its forgotten history. It also sees the implications of its placement in the revamped parliamentary complex.

Unveiling the Legend of ‘Sengol’:

The History of the Sengol: Explained - Oneindia News
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‘Sengol’ stands as a mystical relic steeped in the rich heritage of the Chola dynasty. It thrived in Southern India between the 9th and 13th centuries. Legend has it that this artifact embodies the essence of Chola kings, representing their legacy, valor, and divine protection. Its supernatural aura continues to inspire awe and reverence among those who encounter it.

The Symbolic Transfer of Power:

During India’s transition to a sovereign democratic republic in 1947, symbols played a significant role in the ceremonial transfer of power. As a powerful gesture reflecting historical continuity, the Chola spectre ‘Sengol’ was bestowed upon Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, symbolizing the seamless transition from ancient monarchy to modern democratic governance.

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A Forgotten Relic Resurfaces:

Over time, the symbolic importance of ‘Sengol’ faded from public memory. It remained concealed within the depths of Indian history. Prime Minister Narendra Modi intends to reintroduce ‘Sengol’ to the public sphere.

PM Modi’s Vision for the New Parliament Building:

With the construction of a new Parliament building underway, Prime Minister Narendra Modi envisions a structure that encapsulates India’s rich heritage. It embodies diverse historical narratives.

By housing the Chola spectre ‘Sengol’ within the new parliamentary complex, PM Modi aims to symbolize the fusion of India’s glorious past with its vibrant democratic future.

‘Sengol’ becomes a testament to the continuity of governance and the profound legacy of Indian civilization.

Implications and Significance:

The placement of ‘Sengol’ within the new Parliament building carries significant implications. It serves as a powerful reminder of India’s cultural heritage, bridging ancient history with modern governance. By rekindling awareness of ‘Sengol,’ the government seeks to foster national pride and unity. It emphasizes the resilience and continuity of India’s democratic traditions.


The rediscovery of ‘Sengol,’ the Chola dynasty’s mystical relic, and its forthcoming placement within the new Parliament building marks a remarkable journey through time. From its symbolic role in the transfer of power to its current resurgence, ‘Sengol’ reclaims its rightful place in India’s collective consciousness. As it takes center stage within the heart of the nation’s legislative proceedings, ‘Sengol’ serves as a potent reminder of India’s historical roots.

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