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Hasan has opened a Chapter of Chola History

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Twisting and distortion of history is a normal game in the arena of left-liberals. For them, it is tactics. A bait to evolve on their fake agendas and create hype out of no issue.

In the realm of great history of Bharat, there were numerous dynasties, empires, queens and kings. Their contributions are sung in the everyday folklores and artis of common people. Their existence and contributions need no certification from scammers.

(p.c. – Britannica- Brihadeshvara Temple, Thanjavur)

Hasan’s Controversy

Kamal Hasan has no idea to which direction he has taken the debate. A movie based on the great Cholas has been recently released. Ponniyan Selvan-1 .But, the greatness of Cholas lie in their cultural expansion, military might and the great contribution to Sanatan Dharma. However, some people cannot digest truth and propel falsity.

From an old video going viral this controversy erupted. Kamal Hasan says, “there was no name called Hindu religion during Raja Chola’s period.  At that time there were vaishnavas and shaivites.” Interestingly, his old video going viral, in which he claims that he used to spread the words of Christ. Yes, Hallelujah!

Cholas And Truth

Rise of Cholas proved to be a cultural renaissance in the land of Tamizh. Where there were fertile lands, sprawling rivers, magnanimous peaks, this dynasty sprang up and flourished. The literature was written in Tamil. It is a notable fact that even after so many alien invasions the ancient civilization and culture was protected. At the height of expansion of the empire, whole of southern India, SriLanka, Maldives were taken over. Along with that they established strong and superior relation with that of Srivijaya (Indonesia). The marvellous city ‘Gangaikondcholapuram’ retells the saga of Shri Rajendra Chola’s northern expeditions. The dynasty which was established in 3rd century BCE ruled till 13th century!

Cholas and the Culture

The Great Cholas are the epitome of magnanimity, finesse and erudition in every sphere of a Hindu life. The city of Thanjavur, was a major political centre from the times of Shri Rajaraja. Building of temples in the Tamil region began from the 6th – 7th centuries, in Mammallapuram and Kanchipuram by Pallava dynasty. However the grandeur of the temple established by Shri Rajaraja Chola is unmatched. ‘The Rajarajeshvara” has a vimana of 60 metres, situated in a rectangular enclosure of 241 by 121 m. The temple dedicated to Bhagwan Mahadev has also smaller shrines like Chandeshvara. There are also shrines of Sakanda and Ganapati built later on.

The Shiva-linga is 3.95 m high in the garbhagriha. The iconography extolling the sculpted images in the outer walls are of different forms of Shiva. The Nataraja, the Ardhanarishvara and the Tripurantaka.

The Gangaikondcholapuram temple also having a dedicated shrine to devi Parvati. The Airateshvara temple is the third great royal temple. Built under the patronage of Rajaraja 2.

(p.c. oneindiaonline- Gangaikondacholapuram Temple)

These are still the living temples having ongoing rituals and protect Hindu culture.


(p.c.christies.com- ShriShiva Parvati)

Sanatan Dharma is the upholder of material diversity while incorporating the unity of consciousness. There are many different manifestations of Ishvara assumed and given by the devotee himself or herself. It is the ardent devotion and bhakti which enables the propagation of wave of Dharma. So whether there was a name or not. Whether there was a demarcation or not. There was the ardent bhakti, shraddha, tapas and samparpan before the Parmeshvara, which still is carved in the stones of the great Chola Temples. History needs no proof when it is etched in the timeless dev-sthanas.




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