Saturday, June 10, 2023

Muslim Harassment Of Journalist In Ghaziabad’s Khoda Colony: A Wake-Up Call!

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A video of Muslim harassment towards a journalist in a self-proclaimed Muslim area has recently gone viral on social media. The incident took place in Ghaziabad’s Khoda colony, just a few days after West Bengal’s Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee, advised Hindus to avoid celebrating their festivals in these areas. Keshav Malan, a journalist working for ‘Khabar India,’ visited the area to gather reactions from Muslims about Asad Ahmed’s encounter.

The Incident

The video shows a group of Muslims shouting at Malan, demanding that he leave the area. This incident occurred near Noorani Masjid, where people protested against Ahmed’s encounter and supported Owaisi’s statement. The Muslim youths believed that the law should have punished Ahmed and not the police. They also criticised Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s government for Umesh Pal’s murder.

Several Muslims discussed ‘Hindu Rashtra’ and accused the government of releasing culprits and killing innocent people. They demanded the arrest of cow protector Monu Manesar and brought up other controversial incidents. One Muslim even grabbed the journalist’s hand and pushed him. Meanwhile, a young child told Malan to “quietly go away.”

Most Muslims avoided discussing the controversial topics, stating that it was time for prayers. However, a fanatic Muslim youth in the video made a statement that has been widely shared on social media.

He said, “You can’t stand within 100 meters of a mosque,” highlighting the underlying tensions between communities in the area.

This incident raises concerns about the freedom of the press and the need for unbiased reporting. It also highlights the underlying tensions between different communities.

Communal Harmony?

The recent incident in Ghaziabad’s Khoda colony highlights the precarious state of communal harmony in India. A viral video depicts Muslim residents harassing a journalist in a self-proclaimed Muslim area, after he visited to obtain reactions from the community regarding the recent encounter of Asad Ahmed. The footage shows residents shouting and demanding that the journalist leave. Some residents protested against the encounter and supported Owaisi’s statement.

The incident reveals underlying tensions between different communities and raises concerns about press freedom and the need for unbiased reporting. To foster an environment of tolerance and mutual respect, it is crucial for all communities to work together. The media has a critical role to play in this process by reporting objectively and without prejudice. This should very well be a wake-up call for everyone!

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