Friday, June 9, 2023

Muslims Are Now Masquerading As Hindus To Lure Unwitting Victims

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People use the term “Love Jihad” to refer to the act of luring a non-Muslim into an emotional and physical relationship with the intention of converting them to Islam. Usually, people are aware of this practice. However, some “secular” media defines “Love Jihad” as follows:

Muslim men are accused of wooing and marrying non-Muslim women with the ultimate goal of converting them to Islam. This supposed campaign is controversial and divisive, and the term has no legal or sociological basis. Right-wing groups primarily use it to demonise and discriminate against Muslims.

It’s time to look at Love Jihad for what it really is, rather than accepting the nonsense promoted by “Libtard” secularists.

False Identification

Numerous cases have shown that some seemingly nice boys who identify as Hindu, actually turn out to be Muslims in disguise and entrap girls in “love” or blackmail them with compromising content. The girls become deeply entangled and are sexually exploited in a brutal manner.

Isolating And Trapping The Victim

Aftab brutally murdered, chopped up, and refrigerated Shraddha Walker by isolating her from her family and friends. He thus shut off all routes for exposure, following the process of trapping.

Another case showcased little girls begging their Hindu mother not to convert and leave them. Sadly, the lady had made her mind and went ahead with the conversion!

Targeting married women is the new trend. They look for listless housewives and lure them in their trap. What is shocking is how these women abandon their home, family and children to run away with these men! It is as of they are under their spell.

As for the Muslim men, they claim that each Hindu woman they defile equates to Haj! Further, they are also handsomely compensated for the deeds.

Sickular Certified Jihad

The sick seculars or sickulars thrive on this and see absolutely nothing wrong with the practise. In fact if they are to be believed there is no such thing as love jihad. As spoken in his babbles, here is Naseeruddin Shah rubbishing it away, for very obvious reasons!

It now remains up to the mindset of the Hindu women that are out there. Secularism is a one way street and as harsh as it sounds, stop walking down this pathetic road of foolishness just to show your “progressive” appeal. It has not ended well for the ones who tried it before. The idea of inter faith marriage with Muslims has been so toxically romanticised. Break this evil now and realise the power of your Sanatani fold before it’s too late!

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