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Love Jihad Costs Noida Widow More Than Just Money  

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Love Jihad re-surfaced its ugly face in Greater Noida West of Uttar Pradesh. Five ‘peacefuls’ coerced a Hindu Widow to not just part with ₹15 Lakh. The Bisrakh Kotwali Police Station has charged Haroon, Monu Khan, Sonu, Aliyar Khan, and Raju Khan with several sections of the IPC. The primary accused Monu Khan, aka Nonu, presented himself as a Hindu with a fake Adhar card to befriend the widow at a gym. He coerced the widow into physical relations and recorded an indecent video to keep the victim silent. Thereafter, her daughter was abducted to Rishikesh by Haroon, in order to force a relationship with him. The UP Police assures strict actions against all the perpetrators.

The Ugly Love Jihad of a Noida Widow

India's first 'love jihad' conviction—a volatile mix of POCSO, kidnapping, abuse, conversion
PC ThePrint

5 years after the death of her husband the victim was befriended by Monu Khan in the Shaberi neighborhood. Monu or Nonu displayed false identity proof to reassure the widow of his good intentions. The friendship turned into Love Jihad when the woman was fooled into coming to an apartment with Monu in December 2022. The victim was forced into a physical relationship. An indecent video of her was shot by Monu to keep her from reporting this act to the police. He also extorted ₹15 Lakh from her to suppress the video.

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The victim’s daughter was also pulled into this mire by Haroon, an accomplice of Monu Khan.

Haroon abducted the daughter to Rishikesh, where he tried to force the girl into an unwanted relationship. The constant harassment of the group via text and calls forced the widow to approach the police. 

Although the ‘peacefuls’ have evaded the police till now, authorities assure the public of swift justice. The UP Police have dedicated a squad to locate the accused.

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The Modus Operandi Under Love Jihad

Girl commits suicide under pressure of conversion after love jihad marriage in Jharkhand - धर्म छिपाकर मंदिर में शादी, फिर धर्मांतरण का बनाया दबाव; युवती ने दी जान
PC Hindustan

The ‘peacefuls’ have a few set ways to lure Hindu women into trouble:

  1. Firstly, fake Hindu identity to befriend the gullible Hindu female. Thereafter, force a physical relationship. Finally, coerce them for conversion or extortion.
  2. Firstly, fake emotions to a vulnerable and suppressed Hindu girl. Thereafter, convince her to convert for ‘nikah’. And finally, continue to live on the monetary benevolence of ‘peaceful’ community religious leaders.
  3.  Firstly, fake sincerity to a pseudo-modern Hindu girl. Thereafter, convince her into a live-in situation to live off her earnings and emotions. Finally, brutally murder her for refusing to convert.

The movies like ‘The Kerala Story’ and ‘Ajmer 92‘ are perfect case studies of the ways Hindu women are pushed into a corner. They are forced to go against their religion as a way to accept the ‘peaceful’ ideology. 

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In today’s world, Hindu women are the most vulnerable existence. Predators of every kind carefully watch them in public and private spaces. Moreover, the ‘intolerants’ fake emotions or identities to gain the trust of the Hindu girl to separate her from the herd while their gang goes for the kill. 

The modesty and dignity of Hindu women have never been more unsafe in India. While the government and authorities try to ensure the security of all citizens, Sanatani women must adopt ‘Be Aware and Be Wise’ moto to oppose the modus operandi of the ‘intolerants’ and ‘peacefuls’ of the society. 

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