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How safe are Hindus in Bangladesh?

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Hindu persecution in the Indian subcontinent has been on the rise lately. Atrocities and forced-conversion suffered by Hindus continues to be sidelined by the governments and global media in India’s neighboring countries. Recently, the Hindu population of Bangladesh has reduced to 7.9% from 20% at the time of independence. The exodus of the displaced and persecuted Hindus from Bangladesh began in 1905. The migration numbers reached two major crescendos in history; firstly, during the Partition of India and then the Independence of Bangladesh. The Hindus from this region continue to seek refuge in India till present date.

History of Bengal steeped in Hate-Crimes against Hindus

The seeds of the Islamification of Bengal lie in the pre-independence Bengal Sultanate. Although independent Hindu kingdoms flourished in the Bengal region till the advent of the colonial era, the subjugation of non-Islamic population in the region had gained traction over the centuries; thereby resulting in increased forced-conversion to Islam.

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Nothing new in persecution of Hindus in Bangladesh: This time we are talking about it openly and firmly
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The British exploited the increasing religious dissent as part of their “Divide and Rule” policy. This led to the first partition of Bengal in 1905 which firmly shaped the socio-religious and political divide of Bengal. Hence, the idea of “Partition” in India along the religious lines gained its credence from Bengal itself. Finally, this idea led to the partition of India with East Bengal becoming East Pakistan resulting in an ever increasing corollary of violence against Hindus.

Events like “Direct Action Day” and “Noakhali Massacre” became the infamous symbols of gross violence against the Hindus leading to the flight of native Hindus from East Pakistan. A total of 10,000 Hindu deaths can be laid at the doors of these events.

Radical terrors that modern Hindus face in Bangladesh

The stable government of Bangladesh has led the country to have a higher per capita GDP than Inada, the radical elements of the country continue their anti-Hindu practices. The Bangladeshi Islamist rape, murder, attack temples, and conduct forced-conversions against Hindus continue to be misreported by media and the government.

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In 2022 alone, 154 Hindus were murdered in Bangladesh in an act of Islamic extremism. 319 Hindu homes were set ablaze and 572 families were evicted in Bangladesh last year alone. A shocking number of 66 Hindu women were raped; 17 of which were killed after the heinous act. Moreover, 152 women were forcefully converted to Islam. 2022 also saw the destruction of 481 Hindu idols in the country. And a total of 319 temple properties were seized by the Islamic miscreants.

World silent on efforts by zealots to ethnically cleanse Hindus in Bangladesh - The Sunday Guardian Live
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In 2023 there were a series of planned attacks on 14 temples of Bangladesh. Several acts of organized terror were inflicted on Hindu families and business owners in Bangladesh. Even today, there are families that have been barricaded inside their own village for no rational cause. Crimes against women are rising astronomically in the Radical Bangladesh.

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ആരാധനാലയങ്ങള്‍ക്കു നേരെ വ്യാപക ആക്രമണം, ഒറ്റ രാത്രികൊണ്ട് തകര്‍ത്തത് 14 ക്ഷേത്രങ്ങള്‍ : വിഗ്രഹങ്ങള്‍ നശിപ്പിച്ചു | Bangladesh, Temples, destroyed, Latest News ...
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Although authorities attempt to find justice for all victims, the current state of Hindus in the land of their forefathers should leave the government shamefaced. The local officials are often unable to resist the radical elements of society; and they often arrive to aid the Hindus a minute too late. The laws of protection of culture seem to be ineffective in pseudo-secular Bangladesh. In conclusion Hindus have never been and will never be safe in Bangladesh.

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