Thursday, July 18, 2024

Hindus Are No Longer Safe in Bangladesh

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At a time of churn in global religious politics, Hindus are no longer safe in Bangladesh which is slowly turning into the next Pakistan

Bangladesh which was formed after an armed liberation struggle in 1971 was earlier committed to the idea of secularism.

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But today Hindus who enjoyed certain rights in Bangladesh are being persecuted in Bangladesh because of their religious orientation and identity.

The Bangladesh of today is no longer the nation-state envisaged by Bangabondhu Shiekh Mujibur Rahman.

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It, therefore, has become necessary to highlight the pathetic condition of our Hindu brethren in Bangladesh and articulate the need for consolidation of pan-Hindu unity across South Asia.

Hindu Persecution

Bangladesh is turning into a haven for Islamist extremists.

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This is marked by increasing murders of bloggers who question the religious fundamentalists & Islam in general.

In 2022, 154 Hindu people were killed by the Islamist in Bangladesh and 424 were attempted to be killed by Islamic miscreants in the same period.

849 persons were threatened to kill by Islamist during the same period and 360 persons were grievously injured in those attacks.

These are some of the statistics concerning the sordid condition of Sanatanis in Bangladesh, but what is spine chilling of all is the condition of Hindu women.

Islamists have been known and are still abducting Hindu women, converting them to Islam and forcibly marrying them.

This is based on harrowing personal accounts of several Hindu women who fled Bangladesh in the last couple of decades.

Desecration of Durga Puja Festivities

A chilling aspect of this persecution of Hindu community in Bangladesh is the desecration of idols of Ma Durga during the annual Durga Puja festivities.

Both in 2021 & 2022 there were widespread desecration of Durga Puja festivities in Bangladesh, the intensity and the level of desecration was so high that the Ministry of External Affairs literally issued statements highlighting concerns and calling for thorough investigation into such incidents of vandalism.


This image shows the intensity of desecration of Hindu festivals in Bangladesh.

Silence of Mamata Banerjee

What is most concerning is that apart from inaction by the Bangladesh government in terms of crackdown on Islamist elements and terrorists, the West Bengal government led by Mamata Banerjee is strangely silent.

On issues concerning the ‘you-know-who community’ Ms Banerjee appears to be very vocal, but what about Hindus?

Do their lives not matter Ms Banerjee?

Therefore there is little doubt that Hindus are no longer safe in Bangladesh.

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