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AMU’s Support For Hamas Is An Anti-National Act

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AMU’s(Aligarh Muslim University) support for Hamas is an anti-national act which exposes the reality of this higher educational institution

Aligarh Muslim University students are once again in news.

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This time it is in the context of the Israel-Hamas war which has roiled the Middle East for the past two days.

While Aligarh Muslim University was regarded as a so-called “nationalist institution”, this incident has exposed the mentality of the students as well as the institution.

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What Happened?

Scores of students at Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) on 7th of October demonstrated on campus in support of Palestine amid the ongoing war between Israel and Palestinian militant group Hamas.

The students besides holding posters saying ‘We Stand with Palestine’ also raised slogans such as “We stand for Palestine, AMU stands for Palestine” as well as religiouly charged slogans calling for death of Israel and praising Hamas for its terror attack.

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This comes amidst India expressing unequivocal support for Israel in the aftermath of the egregious terror attack.

What does this tell you about AMU?

Contrary to the perception that Aligarh Muslim University is a nationalist educational institution, it is nothing of that sort.

AMU is outrightly anti-national in its causes and has historically propagated against Bharatiya causes.

The founder of AMU Syed Ahmed Khan was the architect of the two-nation theory and was a known separatist for the so called Muslim cause.

J Sai Deepak in India, Bharat & Pakistan brilliantly exposed the true face of this so-called educational reformer by highlighting how he eulogized the caliphate and never really believed in the idea of peaceful co-existence.

In a lecture, he also lambasted AMU for its anti-national stance and the questionable foundations of AMU.

Anti-National Act

This act of AMU students calling for death of Israel goes directly against the Government of India’s stance on this issue.
It goes against the Bharatiya ethos of condemning terrorism.
By praising the Hamas attack the students have done a great disservice to their country.
This is utterly condemnable and the government must take strict action against these anti-national elements.
Hence AMU’s Support For Hamas Is An Anti-National Act which deserves no mercy.
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