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Defenders of Dharma: Tamil Nadu’s Hindus Vow to Safeguard Temple Autonomy

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Recently, the Hindu devotees of Tamil Nadu took an oath of devotion to preserve temple autonomy. This remarkable display of Hindu unity was under the leadership of former Inspector General of Police, Shri Pon Manickavel. Why did the Sanatanis of Tamil Nadu showcase their commitment to the temple? They are being forced into a corner by the nefarious HRCE and DMK’s CM Stalin’s state machinery to protect their temples. This oath reflects the deep-rooted faith and determination of Hindus in safeguarding their sacred places of worship.

HRCE’s Repeated Encroachment on Temple Properties

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Over the years, the HRCE Department in Tamil Nadu has been at the center of controversy. The department has repeatedly shown its disgust for sacred Hindu spaces and rituals. Moreover, it has tried to encroach on temple properties and has been known to swindle temple funds. Despite verbal and written protests by Hindu devotees and Hindu temple management, the HRCE has been unconcerned in their opposition to Sanatana Dharma. Thus, the state’s control over temples has led to probable misappropriation of temple resources and interference in religious practices. Moreover, the Sanatani devotees firmly feel that temple funds are donated by the faithful for religious purposes and the social welfare of believers. However, HRCE usurps these funds and diverts them for other purposes.

The Hindus of Tamil Nadu have had enough! They have started to forget their British-made caste divisions and have begun to unite in the name of their faith.

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The Sanatanis of Tamil Nadu despise the British-born HRCE. The department has a large footprint in allegations of mismanagement, corruption, and a lack of transparency in its operations. Thus, the recent oath by hundreds of Hindus does not just protect temples. It also ensures the continuance of Sanatana Dharma in the southern states of India.  

Oppression of Hindus by CM Stalin’s Narrative and State Machinery

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The political landscape in Tamil Nadu is colored by the anti-Sanatani policies of DMK’s CM Stalin and his son, Udhayanidhi Stalin. The recent trends of ‘Eradicate Sanatana Dharma’ have the Hindu population in arms against the Stalin-led government.

DMK is a Congress ally and promotes an anti-Sanatana Dharma narrative using the state’s machinery. Thus, this oath BY HINDUS to protect their identity via the protection of temples has become a must for all Sanatanis!

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Furthermore, this vow has fueled the resolve of Hindus to protect their temples and preserve their religious traditions all over Bharat.

The government’s interference in temple affairs goes against all known principles of religious freedom and autonomy in Bharat. Thus, Hindus are right in asking the state to free their temples. However, what power will the DMK be left with if it respects the sanctity of temples and the sentiments of devotees? How can their anti-Hindu agenda be promoted? Will they get their funds from conversion enthusiasts if they respect Sanatana Dharma? Hindus of Tamil Nadu are facing a grave threat to their very existence. CM Stalin’s government and its involvement in temple administration have diluted or harmed the spiritual and cultural significance of Hindu temples in the state.

Is this Oath a Demand for Temple Autonomy?

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Yes! This oath is a heartfelt cry of the Hindu devotees. It is a manifestation of their demand to free Hindu temples from state control in Tamil Nadu. They believe that Hindu temples should be managed by the devotees themselves. The Sanatanis of Tamil Nadu want transparency, accountability, and the preservation of age-old traditions. Thus, this oath by hundreds of Hindus is a call for temple autonomy. It represents a deep-seated desire and conviction of the majority of Tamil Nadu to protect and nurture Sanatana Dharma.

Therefore, the oath taken by hundreds of Hindu devotees, under the guidance of Shri Pon Manickavel, is a reflection of a growing movement against HRCE and CM Stalin’s administration. Additionally, it underscores the importance of temple autonomy as a means to preserve the traditions of Sanatana Dharma. Therefore, as the Hindu devotees stand united in their cause in Tamil Nadu, may all the Hindus of India unite to walk the path of Dharma. May the demand for temple autonomy in Tamil Nadu, resonate throughout India. And may the oppressors of Sanatana Dharma face the consequences of hurting the sentiments of Hindus. Let the unwavering determination of Hindus to protect the sanctity of temples and uphold their religious beliefs serve as a powerful testament to their faith and devotion.

धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः

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