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Udhayanidhi Stalin’s Hatred For Sanatana Dharma!

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In recent times, public figures have a significant influence on public opinion through their social media platforms. However, when they use their platforms to express controversial opinions, it can spark debates and discussions. The Minister for Youth Welfare and Sports Development of Tamil Nadu, Udhayanidhi Stalin, recently made headlines for his controversial remarks regarding Sanatan Dharma.

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The Controversial Statements

On September 2, Udhayanidhi Stalin took to social media to express his views on Sanatan Dharma. He compared it to diseases like malaria and dengue. Stalin claimed that this religious philosophy divides people in the name of caste and religion. Udhayanidhi also emphasized that uprooting Sanatan Dharma is essential for upholding humanity and human equality.

Stalin went on to praise figures like Periyar and BR Ambedkar. He credited them with conducting ‘in-depth research’ on the ‘negative impact’ of Sanatan Dharma on society. Stalin repeatedly compared the spread of Sanatan Dharma to the spread of diseases, further fueling the controversy.

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Facing Legal Threats

After these statements, the Hindu advocacy group ‘Legal Rights Observatory (LRO)’ announced its intention to explore legal remedies against Udhayanidhi Stalin.

In response, the Minister appeared unshaken, stating that he was ready to face any legal challenge. He claimed that he would not be intimidated by what he referred to as “saffron threats.”

Calls for Annihilation

Perhaps the most concerning aspect of Udhayanidhi Stalin’s statements was his call for the annihilation of Sanatan Dharma. So much for tolerance. Such a call for the complete eradication raises serious questions about religious tolerance and freedom of belief in a diverse society.

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Response from Tamil Nadu BJP Chief

The controversy did not go unnoticed by political opponents. K Annamalai, the Tamil Nadu BJP Chief, strongly criticized Udhayanidhi Stalin, accusing him of having been influenced by Christian missionaries and their ideologies. He also accused him and his family of looting the state and urged him to respect the spiritualism that is inherent in Tamil Nadu’s culture.

Religious Identity

It’s worth noting that Udhayanidhi Stalin publicly declared his Christian faith in December 2022. While individuals have the right to choose their religion, it raises questions about the timing and context of his statements regarding Sanatan Dharma.


Udhayanidhi Stalin’s controversial statements have ignited a passionate debate about religious tolerance and freedom of expression. While individuals have the right to express their opinions, it is crucial that public figures exercise this right responsibly and with respect for the beliefs of others. Why must Sanatana Dharma always bear the brunt of hatred by one and all?!

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