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Indian Flag Flies High At Rawalakot, POK 

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Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir or PoK stands in the eye of a brewing storm or rebellion! The last few days have seen violent protests by pro-India factions against the Pakistani Army. This tempest of dissent, fueled by injustice and oppression, threatens to unravel the very fabric of Pakistan’s claims on India’s Jammu and Kashmir. As protests erupt on the streets of Rawalakot, the echoes of resistance reverberate by hoisting the Indian Flag in the valleys and mountains of this occupied land. Let’s talk! 

A Spark of Rebellion: Protests Rock PoK

The Indian tricolor rises defiantly amidst the tumult of protest in Rawalakot. Bharat has become a symbol of hope and liberation for the oppressed masses of PoK. Fed up with the tyranny of the Pakistani regime and army, the people of PoK have taken to the streets.

As their voices unite in chants of ‘AZADI’, their defiance takes the shape of the Indian Flag in the face of Pakistani injustice.

In the shadow of Pakistan’s false promises and failed governance, the people of PoK suffer in silence. Hunger gnaws at their bellies, power cuts plunge them into darkness, and despair hangs heavy in the air. Contrarily, the other side of the LOC, is flourishing with its terror-free development Modi-Model. Thus, Bharat has become synonymous with progress in the hearts of a POK resident. And so in hopes of realigning with India, pro-India factions have raised the flag of Bharat as India’s Save Sharda organization lends its support to the plight of the people of PoK.

Pakistan’s Iron Fist: A Desperate Bid to Suppress Dissent

As the Joint Awami Action Committee (JAAC) prepares to march in Muzaffarabad, the Pakistani regime trembles in fear. India’s hostile neighbor’s worst nightmare is coming true. The very air of PoK smells of ‘Bagawat’! While the state desperately attempts to quell dissent with brute force, its actions only serve to fuel the flames of rebellion in favor of India. The people of PoK stand firm in their demand for freedom from Pakistan and realignment with Bharat in hopes of justice and development.

Fearing the tide of revolution sweeping across PoK, Pakistan has deployed heavy security forces to crush the uprising. Yet, as the Frontier Corps and Rangers descend upon the streets of Rawalakot, they are met with fierce resistance. The indomitable spirit of the Kashmiri people rejects Pakistan and wants to embrace India.

Bharat’s Triumph and Pakistan’s ‘RAW Ki Saazish’ Momemts!

As the flames of revolt engulf PoK, the naysayers and skeptics stand silenced. Lately, Mani Shankar Iyer, Farooq Abdullah, and their ilk boasted of Pakistan’s atom bomb-powered might. They wanted corridors of conversation to open between the two nations. They firmly believed that Modi’s India was wrong to state that ‘Terrorism and Talks; Don’t go Together”! However, in an interview PM Modi trashed their weak-spined approach to geopolitics and hostile neighbors.

PM Modi’s vision for Bharat goes beyond the management of infinite-loop conversations with Atta-wars-ridden Pakistan!

They are a respected nation, have an atom bomb", Mani Shankar Aiyar advocates talks with Pakistan; BJP slams Congress -
PC Defence News

Therefore, this declaration of solidarity with Bharat in POK will surely crumble their cherished delusions of Mani Uncle and Faorroq Saab about ‘Mighty’ Pakistan! The act of hoisting the Indian flag by Kashmiris in Pakistan paves the road for Bharat to reclaim PoK completely and finally. It seems the recovery of this major loss of land and sovereignty, due to the folly of Nehruvian politics, draws ever closer.

On the lighter side, while Bharat becomes the beacon of hope for the PoK residents, Pakistanis are busy crying ‘RAW ki Sazish‘ at the Indian flag in the region. The Pakistan administration is trying to find any excuse but their own incompetence to blame for the riots and protests. As the cries for liberation grow louder, Bharat’s resolve strengthens and Pakistan fears the global acceptance of an inevitable outcome. It seems that PoK’s liberation is not a matter of if, but when, as the wheels of destiny turn inexorably towards Bharat’s moment of triumph.

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