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Pappu’s Congress and the Palestinian Puzzle: Politics, Populism, or Principles?

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On 9th October, the working committee of the Indian National Congress (INC) expressed their support for Palestine. While most of the developed world has expressed solidarity with Israel, Pappu’s Khan-gress (Pappu’s Congress) is subtly showing support for the terrorist attack by the Palestine militant group, Hamas. The Congress or Khan-gress has supported the Palestinian cause since their days as the ruling government in Bharat. Thus, their recent support that goes against Israel is consistent with their historical yet controversial stance. Did Pappu and his party understand what it means to stand with a nation that has performed a terrorist attack on another nation? How far are they willing to go to oppose Bharat’s official stand and PM Modi?

Why is Khan-gress Supporting Palestine?

Congress Extends Support for Palestinians after Hamas Attack
PC PGurus

The INC’s backing of Palestine rests on three fundamental principles:

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  1. Pseudo-Solidarity with Indian Minority Communities: The Muslims in Bharat are clearly standing in favor of Hamas and Palestine. There are numerous videos of Indian Muslims supporting Palestine and its terrorist activities in Gaza. Pappu and his party love to play minority appeasement politics. Their stance on Palestine clearly reflects this commitment to use all political opportunities to focus on minority appeasement. They have seized this opportunity to try to sway Muslim minority votes in the upcoming 2024 general elections.
  2. Fake Similarity to the Kashmir Issue: The Khan-gress (Pappu’s Congress) will use their stance in favor of Palestine to evoke emotions of solidarity and support in Kashmiris. They view Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories as a breach of international law. They advocate for Palestinians’ right to self-determination, stressing that the Israeli occupation must cease for this right to be realized. Khan-gress wants to utilize this Israel-Palestine conflict to win over votes in Kashmir. They will soon show the similarity between Kashmiri Hindus and their displacement to that of Palestine refugees. This is a long-term plan of Khan-gress to confuse the reality of the situation to sway sentiments and votes.
  3. Peace at the Expense of Terrorism: The INC is a pseudo-peace-loving party. They prefer to project an image of tolerance and peace. Thus, they would rather stay neutral than show a backbone by taking action against militants. Under the Khan-gress rule, Bharat suffered an unknown number of terrorist attacks. Their peace-first policy has led to looking at terrorists kindly. Thus, they want to preach that Israel and Palestine should coexist harmoniously. However, they are subtly supporting the extremist militant Hamas group and their activities. They are covertly championing Palestinians. Moreover, the Khan-gress believes that Palestine has a right to establish their state. Therefore, they strongly recommend that Israeli should withdraw from Gaza as a solution.

The Controversy and Questions

BJP on X: "Congress supported terrorist, anti-national elements. Bharat Todo: True character of Congress." / X
PC X @BJP4India

The unwavering support for Palestine, the INC, or Khan-gress is facing criticism from non-extremists at home. Most Bharatvasi believe that India should not support any nation that uses terrorism as a tool. India has suffered from a slow drain of resources by Pakistan’s terrorist activities.

Thus, the citizens of Bharat do not resonate with extremist Islamic zealots who cage children, murder in the name of Allah, and use Jihad or terrorism as a means to their goals. Therefore, Congress’ support for Palestine may have more negatives for the party than it can perceive at the moment. 

In response to its critics, the INC defends its position by asserting that it aligns with principles of solidarity, international law, and peace. They bring out the Oslo Pact and other big words to confound the listener. However, all they are able to do is reaffirm their stance in support of an Islamist group called Hamas. Their end-game can be seen through if one takes off their rose-colored glasses. Their pseudo-moral stance supports Palestine to gain Muslim votes in the 2024 general elections. They would rather forgo national interest to regain a foothold in political power zones.

A Closer Look at Bharat’s Official Stance

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PM Modi has clearly stated that BJP and Bharat stand in support of Israel. This stance resonates within every Indian’s heart. India’s fight against domestic and international terrorism is known to all. Thus, PM Modi’s public support of Israel in this war declares India’s official stance against terrorist activities anywhere in the world. This support aligns with the global support extended by the US, UK, and Europe.

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However, the Khan-gress (Pappu’s Congress) stands with Muslim nations like Iran, Qatar, and Turkey in their support for Palestine. Thus, it raises questions over the ramifications of a Khan-gress-led government in India in the future. Will they support terrorist groups and their activities on Indian soil? Will they forgive militants as ‘ignorant’ and ‘misguided’ kids? And will they forgive those who hurt Bharat’s people and its sovereignty?

In a world where geopolitical dynamics are ever-evolving, India’s position remains pivotal. The Congress party’s unwavering backing of Palestine raises questions about their ideological alignment and their willingness to support terrorist-backing administrations. While the Congress party justifies its support based on fake principles of peace, it is essential for Bharatvasi to recognize the subtle intentions of Pappu and his party. In the upcoming 2024 elections, this stance by Pappu’s Congress may cost them heavily. No matter how they try to sugarcoat their support, Congress has shown that it is now a Khan-gress. Moreover, it has shown that it supports militancy as a national policy just to oppose PM Modi. Would Bharat forgive and forget their stance? Will they vote for Pappu and his ‘pyade’? Only time will tell.

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