Thursday, July 25, 2024

Hamas Attack On Israel Is A Wake Up Call For Hindus

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The Hamas attack on Israel is a wake up call for Hindus to consolidate and prepare themselves for an imminent clash of civilizations like scenario

Israel is on edge.

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The dastardly Hamas’ surprise attack on Israel has shocked people across the globe.

Scores of innocent Israelis have died at the hands of these Islamist terrorists.

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But it also signals something else- that what our Jewish brethren are facing today, Sanatanis can face it tomorrow or maybe very soon.

The Jewish people have been historically persecuted.

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This is evident from Karen Armstrong’s in Religion & The History of Violence.

This persecution was perpetrated by a lot of communities, the Muslim community was the chief among them.

This is something that has been taking place from the 8th century.

Israel is Hitting Back in Kind

To be blunt, what Israel is doing is absolutely the right thing.

Palestinians and M-people in general have tested the patience and goodwill of Jewish people for far too long.

Israel tried to be nice with Palestinians-what was their only demand- accept Israeli suzerainty.

In return they would enjoy the fruits of development, economic prosperity and integration, but no the Palestinians and Gazans would not have it.

They continued to pinch Israel and harm the country.

So any sane thinking person will find it natural for Israel to hit back and hit back hard to avenge the deaths of their fellow citizens.

Wake up Hindus!

Just like our Jewish brothers and sisters are under attack from radicalised terrorists belonging to the world’s most violent religion, we too may have to face such a situation.

This may not happen today, but it can happen tomorrow.

It is imperative that Sanatanis and people of Indic faiths recognize who the real enemy in the room is.

Mobilise yourselves, arise, awake and stop not till the mobilization process is complete.

This mobilization must not be limited to social media solidarity. Money power and muscle power is an integral part of this mobilization.

Ostracise the woke elements and pseudo-liberal elements amongst ourselves.

Be a proud Hindu, be a strong Sanatani!

Revive the traditional principles of resistance that our proud ancestors Maharana Pratap, Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj developed.

Be open about your support for Israel.

Promote indigenous Sanatani causes and defend your civilization.

Recognize the enemy in the room and leave no room to isolate them, with force if the need arises.

Therefore Hamas Attack On Israel Is A Wake Up Call For Hindus, we must delay no longer, the more we do the more we will dig our own grave.



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