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Smear Campaign At Kalakshetra

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Leela Samson is the former director of Kalakshetra. A couple of days back, Leela made an accusatory post against one of the unnamed faculties which she later deleted. But the matter caught the fire. Slowly, majority of the Left aligned media outlets came up with stories of sexual misappropriation.

Game Of Narratives

The Kalakshetra Foundation is located in Thiruvanmiyur, on the outskirts of Adyar, Chennai, which is a popular tourist destination.

Rukmini Devi Arundale built the institute on the gurukula system premise and has continued to maintain that tradition and manner of teaching and learning to this day. The guru-sishya parampara, which is the way of transmission of knowledge. It is an intrinsic aspect of Indian culture and knowledge system. The guru-sishya connection is considered holy and is built on mutual respect and devotion.

This Indic tradition has long been attacked by Marxists, who have compared it to an exploitative system with its oppressor-oppressed dichotomy. They insist on adding their filthy narratives to it.

The sexual harassment allegations against Hari Padman are based on anonymous posts on social media platforms. Revathi Ramachandran, the current director of the Kalakshetra Foundation, concluded the allegations to be baseless rumours created by “vested interests” to damage the institution’s reputation.

The Matter

Three teachers, Nirmala Nagarajan, Nandini Nagarajan and Indhu Nideesh, harboured prejudice against Hari Padman. Students aware of the situations preferred staying out in fear of repercussions.

There are instances mentioning  a female teacher harassing a male student. However, this has not been highlighted anywhere or taken up. The smear campaign is only against Hari Padman.

However, the students are also fed up with this duality and hypocrisy. A few of them have come forward to fight back against this horrid smear campaign against Hari Padman. 

Efforts To Scar The Sacredness Of Sanatana

Detaching bhakti and devotion from the arts has been a deliberate effort by communists throughout the years, with the goal of making the gurukula and the guru-sishya connection and everything inside Sanatana Dharma sacred. If students are unwilling to follow these standards and restrictions, they have numerous alternative universities in the country to pick from that are even more “flexible” in this respect.

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