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Skanda Purana and Ulka: Illuminating the Diwali Ritual of Firecrackers

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With Diwali around the corner the Supreme Court has banned firecrackers in Delhi-NCR. It has also issued directives to other states to reduce the noise and air pollution. Bollywood celebrities are busy hawking their emotionally charged pleas for the environment by requesting their fans to not burst firecrackers. Most pseudo intellectuals will be seen on media platforms claiming that firecrackers is not the ‘Hindu Way’. They will Christianize Firecrackers! May Even Islamize it! But will never own the Phooljhadi as their own!!!

Well; in an answer to these ‘woke,’ ‘sickularists’; J. Sai Deepak proved that bursting firecrackers is an ancient Sanatani ritual. This ritual is highlighted in the Skanda Purana ( Thereby, he unveiled the low levels of awareness these non-practising Hindus have about their own religion. Let’s talk about how ancient Sanatani texts prove the use of ‘phooljhadi’ or sparklers as a divine practice.

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J. Sai Deepak – Illuminating the Spiritual Path

A year back J. Sai Deepak, a legal scholar and author, shed light on the necessity of bursting firecrackers during Diwali. He affirmed that it is not merely a celebratory activity but a ritual specified in numerous Sanatani scriptures. The video of Shri Sai Deepak clarifies misconceptions surrounding the woke, pet-friendly, and environmentally conscious narrative. It asserts that the cultural and spiritual significance of firecrackers are embedded in ancient Hindu practices. Thus, he refutes all claims of Firecrackers as an Anti-Hindu part of Diwali! 

Skanda Purana, Ulka, and Firecrackers

Vishnudut1926: "VISHNU-KHANDA" from Skanda-Purana including "SHREE VENKATACHALA MAHATMYAM", SANSKRIT
PC Vishnudut1926

The Sanskrit word ‘Ulka’ refers to a falling star. Does this remind me of something? Yes, the falling pieces of firelight from any firecracker resembles the beauty of a falling star. Thus, it is no surprise that the verses of Skanda Purana specifically state the use of ‘Ulka’ in Ashwin Maas rituals along with deep near the ‘Bhoot Tithi’.

तुलासंस्थे सहस्रांशौ प्रदोषे भूतदर्शयोः ।
उल्काहस्ता नराः कुर्युः पितृणां मार्गदर्शनम् ॥ ६५ ॥

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Meaning – During the sacred time of Tulasi, perform rituals during Pradosha. Hold an ‘Ulka’ in your hand to guide the path of the ‘pitra’ or forefathers. 

This means that at the time of Tulasi when spirits are closest to the earthly realm, Hindus are encouraged to to use flaming torches, akin to the modern-day ‘phooljhadi.’ The ancient texts state that the sparks of the phooljhadi shall illuminate the spiritual path for departed souls of our ancestors.

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Firecrackers have been Integral to Dīpāvali Festivities for Eons

The verses 66-68 of the Skanda purana list that Hindus or Sanatanis must light deep or diya to bridge the earthly realm to that of those who live no longer. The ritual of bursting firecrackers not only honors the departed souls but also aids them in navigating the cosmic journey with clarity.

The sparks of the phooljhadi emitted by these crackers mirror the divine Ulka light, casting away darkness and invoking positive energies. The noise of crackers is believed by many to ward off evil. Therefore, the sparks from your firecracker not only signify celebration but are an important part of ‘pitra’ that only a few understand. 

Phooljhadi – Reviving Ancient Traditions

Is Bursting Firecrackers

In contemporary times, ‘phooljhadi’ serves as a link to our rich heritage and knowledge. Embracing the symbolism embedded in the ancient verses of Skanda Purana, the use of sparklers is a ritualistic homage to ancestors. The crackling sound and vibrant sparks evoke a sense of divinity, connecting Sanatanis to their spiritual and cultural legacy.

So Sleeping Sanatanis awaken to the reality of firecrackers on Diwali! Understand and acknowledge the profound spirituality woven into this ancient ritual that a few ‘woke’ Hindus deny. Beyond the glitter and gleam, realize how the ‘phooljhadi’ emerges as a sacred affirmation of Sanatani roots. The ‘Ulka’ and its use is a testament to the timeless wisdom encapsulated in the verses of the Skanda Purana as well as Sanatana Dharma. Thus, all Sanatanis should treat each spark of the firecracker as a connection to the spiritual world. This Diwali, let Firecrackers illuminate Bharat with the divine glow of tradition adn rituals.

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