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A List of To-Do Things for Sanatanis

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A list of to-do things for Sanatanis who wish to reclaim their country and find an actual sense of purpose in life

At a time when our country is seeing a lot of churning socially, culturally and economically, it becomes necessary for individual to understand the purpose of their lives.

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Every individual must have a particular aim or mark in life, just as Georg Wilhelm Fredrich Hegel, the noted German philsopher had argued that without an individual having a purpose in life, the wheel of history will not move.

But then what should be the list of to-do things for us Sanatanis?

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Find Out Who You Are

It is imperative that you find out who you are.

By finding out I mean, find your roots, remember who you were, ask your love ones, your acquaintances, anybody who can give you that answer.

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But remember one things, by finding out who you are I mean find out your cultural and social past i.e. your Hindu past.

Understand Sanatan Dharma

I know it sounds like a Herculean task, but believe me it is worth the investment.

In the to-do list of things, make it a habit to understand Hinduism as an important to-do thing.

Understand the history of Sanatan Dharm, its foundational principles, its past, its rich symbolism, its textual sources, its hidden messages.

But importantly while understanding Hinduism do know how ‘Shatrus’ from outside tried to cow us down, tried to proselytize us, and when we couldn’t be brought under their control, they persecuted us.

Make it a habit to remember and make it a to-do thing to learn, internalize and cultivate a ‘Kshatra-spirit’ from that sense of humiliation and grief that our ancestors were subjected to at the hands Islamic and British invaders in the past.

Love and Defend Your Dharma

In this list of to-do things for Sanatanis, I argue that we must make it a habit to defend our dharma.

However, defending it must come not from a blind belief in anything and everything. I mean, cultivate a scientific belief in Hinduism, see religion and every phenomenon from a scientific lens, only then can you understand the true beauty and the scientific nature of Sanatan Dharma.

In that context of to-do things, we must not forget to love and defend our Dharma, if necessary and if the situation permits, do not hesitate to use extra-constitutional means to defend your Dharma, even if sometimes it may go against the authority of the state.


Therefore, we must draft a to-do list of things for Sanatanis must be drafted to find out the meaning of every Hindu’s life.

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