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PM Nehru’s Legacy: Chinese Aggression and Aksai Chin 

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Recently, in a display of public outreach Rahul Gandhi embarked on a bike ride to Ladakh. The media went gaga over this attempt by Rahul Gandhi to project himself as the savior of the Ladakhi people. The Congress’ Public Relations team affirmed this bike ride as a ride for the unity of India. The recently reinstated Lok Sabha MP, Rahul Gandhi showed deep concerns over China’s occupation of Indian territory. Thus, it is imperative for Indians to remember exactly who shoulders the blame for India’s ongoing border issues in Ladakh.

Rahul Gandhi Rides Bike to Ladakh's Pangong Lake to Celebrate Father Rajiv's Birthday - News18
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China’s occupation in parts of India’s Ladakh, particularly the Aksai Chin region, can be blamed on Rahul Gandhi’s great-grandfather, Mr. Jawahar Lal Nehru. The border issue that raises concerns on sovereignty and regional stability of India, reared its ugly head in the 1950s while India was under the Nehru-led Congress government. 

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Nehru’s Failed Diplomacy: Birth of Aksai Chin 

1962 India-China War: Seven Things You Might Not Know
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PM Nehru was blind to the Chinese aggression and ambition throughout the 1950s. His overtly diplomatic and non-violent response to any situation gave China the required foothold in Ladakh. Consequently, the Chinese influence expanded over a large section of Ladakh that was considered an Indian territory. In a final wake-up call, Nehru tried to reclaim the region leading to the subsequent war of 1962. India lost the war to China and was unable to drive back the Chinese forces from Ladakh. 

The consequences of having a weak Prime Minister made India cede a significant portion of Ladakh. This ceded region is known as the Aksai Chin region, which is currently under the Chinese administration. Although India considers this region an integral part of its territory, the Chinese have governed parts of Ladakh for over 60 years. China continues to illegally occupy approximately 38,000 square km of Ladakh due to the Panchsheel philosophy of PM Nehru. The failed diplomacy and disastrous leadership of PM Nehru left behind the legacy of diplomatic tensions between India and China.

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The China-Pakistan Nexus : An Unholy Alliance 

Why did Pakistan gift Sakshgam Valley to China? - Quora
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In 1963, Pakistan signed the ‘Boundary Agreement’ with China. Pakistan gave control of the 5,180 sq km. from its POK region in Shaksgam Valley to China. The area was illegally occupied by Pakistan, which is another symbol of Nehru as a failed PM of India. India does not recognize Pakistan’s claim to any region of the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir. The land handed over to China is also not recognized by the Indian Government as legal. Thus, the Panchsheel political philosophy of the Nehru-Gandhi family made India lose control of a large part of the Union Territory of Ladakh. 

In addition, the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project has added to the woes of India. This project comes under China’s Belt and Road Initiative. It passes through areas in POK and the Chinese-occupied territories of India. The unholy nexus between China and Pakistan is the true nightmare of the Indian Government. Their coordinated efforts to alter the geopolitical landscape of the region are the biggest hurdle to the success of India.

Therefore, Pakistan’s overt support for China’s stance on Ladakh and China’s support for Pakistan’s terror campaigns further exacerbates tensions among the three neighboring nations.

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Rahul Gandhi’s Role: Distorted Perspective and Misinformation

Kashmir: How Line of Control has changed in 70 years - India Today
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As Ladakh grapples with the challenges posed by China’s occupation, it’s essential to remember why the sovereignty of India is challenged in the region. The publicity stunts by Nehru-Gandhi scion should be labeled exactly that. Rahul Gandhi’s recent statements highlight his ability to forget that no new land from the region has been given over by the Indian forces. Congress leaders and aides should refresh Mr. Rahul Gandhi’s memory of why India has been playing on the back foot in the region. As China’s influence grows and its partnerships with Pakistan deepen, addressing the Ladakh conundrum becomes even more critical for India.

Consequently, Rahul Gandhi’s statements should be understood as his contribution, on behalf of the Nehru-Gandhi family, to further the dispute of Ladakh. His attitude and disbelief in the Indian Armed Forces are repeatedly displayed in his public statements. Instead, his dialogues with the media try to fuel misinformation about the Ladakh region and the Indian Army. In reality, his words are an act to whitewash the role of his forefathers in propagating instability in Ladakh and Kashmir. His childish attempts to stand for the integrity of India result in propagating the Chinese agenda in India. True Indians should remember Mr. Gandhi’s disdain for Indian security forces and his covert meetings with the Chinese delegations. Thus, the only question that takes birth is whether India would lose more territory to China and Pakistan if Congress succeeds in 2024.

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