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Rahul Gandhi’s Speech Inadvertantly Labels Him a ‘Foreigner’

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The recent speeches by Rahul Gandhi show that he inadvertently identifies himself as a foreigner to the Land of India. Mr. Gandhi in his comment states that the tribal communities are ‘Adivasi’ and original owners of the land. This statement questions his own claim as an Indian citizen. His rejection of the term ‘Vanvasi’ and preference for ‘Adivasi’ shows that he believes that tribals were the original occupants of the region and that the rest of the Indians are probably from the so-called Aryan Invaders that have forcefully occupied tribal lands. This ridiculous comment would be laughable if it was not said to provoke divisive politics among Hindus in the nation. Its only amusement value is that its Mr. Gandhi’s attempt to silently propagate the Aryan Invasion Theory of the West.

Rahul Gandhi Says Tribals Are The 'Original Owners' Of India, Pitches For Calling Them 'Adivasi' Over '
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How does Rahul Gandhi Inadvertantly Promote the Aryan Invasion Theory?

Mr. Gandhi believes that calling tribals ‘Vanvasi’ is restricting their identity to the forests and jungles of India. He loves the term ‘Adivasi’; which translates to aborigines of the land. Thus, by preferring the Adivasi term he is calling all the other residents of India as settlers in the land of the original tribes. Moreover, he states that India neglects its tribes and refuses to honor them as the original occupant of the region. Thus, Mr. Gandhi believes that all the non-tribal residents of India came from a foreign land. This theory strongly resembles the Aryan Invasion Theory of the pseudo-intellectuals of India.

Therefore, Mr. Gandhi’s foot-in-the-mouth disease made him a proponent of the Aryan Invasion Theory that is rejected by the general public of India. 

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Is Mr. Rahul Gandhi a Foreigner in India?

MAKING of the Fake Aryan Invasion Theory (Hindi) | आर्यन आक्रमण सिद्धांत का घिनौना इतिहास | - YouTube
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Mr. Gandhi’s recent speeches have stepped into the gray zone of divisive politics. He is propping up tribals by using fake failed theories to sway votes in tribal regions. In his attempt to reach out to the tribal communities, Mr. Rahul Gandhi has made 93% of Indians into foreigners in the land of their forefathers. As per his theory, which resembles the Aryan Invasion Theory, only the 9% tribal population of India are the original settlers of the land. All others who can trace their recorded genealogy back by thousands of years are not part of the original Vedic India. Therefore, any Indian who is not part of a tribal community is a foreigner to the region. Consequently, on extrapolation it can mean that Mr. Gandhi labels himself as a foreigner who has settled on the land of the tribals of India as well.

Is Rahul Gandhi Knowingly Using the Term ‘Vanvasi’ for Divisive Politics?

Adivasi' vs 'Vanvasi' Rahul Gandhi Says BJP Wants To Finish Off Tribals By Denying Rights - video Dailymotion
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It seems that Rahul Gandhi believes only the direct meaning of the word ‘Vanvasi’. He and Congress interpret this term as ‘jungle dwellers’. This shows their inability to appreciate the finer nuances in the Hindi Language. There is an allegorical meaning to the word ‘Vanvasi’ in Hindi. The term’s usage in the context of tribals is to mainly express ‘nature dwellers’. The word shows India’s deep respect and complete acceptance of the tribal societies as a part of the larger diverse Indian Hindu community. There is no division of identity between tribals and non-tribals in the eyes of a True Indian. India’s diverse culture also celebrates and protects the tribal’s need to preserve their beliefs and customs. Tribal rituals lie firmly under the giant umbrella of Hinduism. 

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Thus, it seems that this latest speech by Rahul Gandhi is an attempt to divide Indian Hindus. His statement is can be interpreted as Mr. Gandhi’s pandering to the Aryan Invasion Theory of the Western. The easy alienation of most of the Indian population as foreign settlers displays the deep disrespect in the heart of Congress and Mr. Gandhi. Moreover, since he himself is unable to prove his nationality as purely Indian, he is attempting to deny the millenia-old lineage of the 93% non-tribal communities in India. Probably, he relates better with Indians when they are not seen as Indians but as settlers of India. Thus, the only question that remains is how far is the Congress and Mr. Gandhi willing to go to practice divisive politics and deny the rights of Hindus in the land of India.

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