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The Problems of Elite Universities

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There is an imperative need to highlight the problems of elite universities in India, it is of utmost importance

Elitism is a something which is not just a privilege, it is a mindset. A mindset which is deeply etched in the psyche of not just a person.

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It is etched deeply in the minds of an institution, they feel that elitism is a privilege that gives them the license to do anything and everything they want.

It is a right that is sacrosanct and inalienable.

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Well, I am writing about the privilege mindset of sections of India’s elite universities.

The elite institutions of higher education aren’t the IITs or IIMs, but the universities which are the bastions of humanities, not just humanities but also the social sciences as well as liberal arts.

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These are the Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi University, Jadavpur University & University of Hyderabad.

Let’s highlights the problems one by one.

Woke Mentality

Let’s be crystal clear about one thing.

I am not denigrating the institution as a whole, but certain sections, particularly the left liberals who possess a woke mentality.

Wokeism means being opposed to injustices of any kind, but in the Indian intellectual discourse it means opposing the majority will.

It means to hold an intense contempt for the majority without any sound rational basis for such a stand.

Honeymoon with Islamism

The left liberal sections of these elite universities have a bromance with Islamism.

They will oppose anything related to Hinduism and Hindutva. ‘Dismantle Hindutva’, they say, but embrace Islamism!

Wow, what a beautiful hypocrisy.

They say Sanatan Dharma is alien, misogynist, anti-progress and sexist. But Islam and its political ideology of Islamism is liberal, inclusive and goodness knows what not.

You oppose Hindutva, you are hailed as a hero, but the genocide against Kashmiri Hindus in the 1990s, the pathetic condition of Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh etc are nothing.

They will go ‘maun’. Kanhaiya kumar, Sharjeel Imam are their heroes, but Abhinandan Varthaman,  Captain Saurabh Kalia don’t matter.

Oppose the State

The West, Steven Pinker notes in The Better Angels of Our Nature experienced a counter cultural movement in the 1970s marked by radical beliefs.

Such beliefs were highly anti-establishment and anti-society.

The left-liberal section of these elite universities are of such a mindset. They will oppoe everything the state does, even if it is helping in the kalyan of the country.

‘Oppose, resist and reject’ is their mantra.


It is high time that the next generation take upon this initiative to cleanse these elite universities of this lecherous mindset which is eating away the moral vitals of our country.

The problems of elite universities, therefore, needs expeditious resolution.

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