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Is the Two-Nation Theory Still Alive?

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The egregious two-nation theory contributed to the partition of the country, but the million dollar question is-is the two-nation theory still alive?

The two-nation theory is the belief among certain sections of the Indian population that they are not a united country.

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They argue that Hindus and Muslims have always existed, not just as separate communities, but as separate civilizations.

The advocates of two-nation theory assert that the co-existence of the Sanatan & Islamic civilizations are impossible given their incogruency of cultures, customs, habits etc.

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The two-nation theory had its origin with Syed Ahmed Khan.

Khan was a Muslim reformer and educationist.

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He was the founder of the Mohammedan Anglo Oriental College in 1875.

Since then the proponents of this thought have disseminated it via the Aligarh school & other Islamic schools of thought.

It reached its high watermark in the Pakistan Resolution of 1940 at Lahore, which cemented the geographical conception of the ‘Pakistani nation’.

On the Hindu side, the two-nation theory’s firmest advocate, according to leftist historians was Veer Savarkar & RSS personalities like MS Golwalkar.

Demands of Hindus

But what the left-wing historians forget conveniently is that the Hindu side never expressly proclaimed that Muslims leave India, they simply wanted these things-

a. Muslim citizens should acknowledge their Hindu or Sanatani roots.

b. Practice Islam in a way that is in consonance with India’s civilizational ethos.

c. Eschew the mindset that their origin & political affiliations lie with the Ummah, you are, till your first and last breath, an Indian citizen and nothing more.

But alas, the Islamic side never seemed to pay heed to these simple demands, they forgot the teachings of Sant Kabir, Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti, Nizamuddin Auliya, among others.

The polarizing politics of the Muslim league, followed by the steady radicalization of the polity, marked by the Calcutta Killings of 1946 slowly contributed to the partition.

Alive & Kicking

Let’s be honest, contrary to popular perception, everything is not alright in our country.

The two-nation theory is very much alive and kicking, it has assumed an institutionalised form.

What is that Form?

Demonizing the political party in power at the centre claiming that they are anti-Muslim.

Using the victim card to argue that have been affected by majoritarian social policies.

But remember this, the clash of civilizations is going on-the faultline conflicts are happening all the time.

The global conspiracy to undermine India’s unity is going on, surreptitiously.

‘Dismantle Hindutva’, love jihad, spewing venom against Sanatanis on social media, institutionalized illegal migration along the Eastern border followed by changing demography are a part of this Islamization conspiracy.


This is a message to all Sanatanis, no, not just Hindus, but to all our Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Christian and nationalist minded Muslim brothers and sisters-

Do not allow this nefarious conspiracy to succeed, this is your country and motherland, do allow her to be partitioned again.

This is because- ‘agar isbar desh tuta na, to tukde bhi nahi bachenge hamare desh ka‘.

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