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Standing With Israel At Its Hour Of Crisis

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There are several reasons why Sanatanis are standing with Israel at its hour of crisis, we will stand with Israel till the end of time

Millions of people across the globe are condemning Israel for its defensive actions in Gaza.

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Twitter is flooded with trends that are condemning Israelis and Jews.

Israel is being demonised like anything, it is being subjected to global opprobrium.

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But the fact of the matter is that half of the so-called protestors and social media warriors who are trying to call out Israel are actually clueless about the history of the Jewish people.

They have no idea what kind of pain and atrocities Israelis are going through.

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Hence, they have every right to defend itself against all threats.

This article is aimed at explaining the reasons why Sanatanis stand shoulder to shoulder with our Jewish brothers and sisters at this moment of crisis and our unequivocal support for Israel.

Victims Of Islamic Terrorism

Sanatanis and Jews have been victims of Islamic terrorism for far too long to long now.

The magnitude of the October 7 attack by Hamas was akin to 26/11 attacks in Bharat.

Islamic terrorism is directed at killing non-Muslims. The Hindu and Jewish people know that very well.

Sanatanis in Bharat have been faced with the menace of Islamic terrorism ever since the 1990s.

Persecuted People

Both Hindus and Jews have faced persecution. For the Jewish people the persecution started from Christians in the form of Romans expelling Jews from Palestine in 70 AD.

This persecution continued and reached its most egregious form under Muslim rule and Adolf Hitler’s reign in Germany.

Hence we know the pain that Jewish people in Israel are facing.

Protests in the Arab world are literally calling for a genocide against Israel and Jews.

Jews are being demonised like anything, what is their fault-they decided that enough is enough, they will not tolerate any attack on them anymore.

Hence, Hindus are standing with Israel at its hour of crisis. Israel must continue to do whatever it takes to wipe out Hamas and defend itself.

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