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Journey of Faith: Shayan Ali Leaves Islam, Finds Solace in Hindu Dharma

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Pakistani actor and social media influencer Shayan Ali made a significant announcement, revealing his decision to leave Islam and embrace Hindu Dharma. He shared that amidst the relentless pursuit of Pakistani intelligence agencies, he was compelled to flee the country. During this challenging period, Shayan claims to have found solace in Lord Krishna, who he believes guided him. Additionally, he expressed his intention to visit India in the near future.

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With a Twitter following of over 25K, Shayan Ali emphasized that he had no choice but to permanently leave Pakistan due to continuous oppression by the ISI. He even claimed that they conspired to end his life.

Ghar Wapsi

Taking to Twitter, Shayan Ali announced his “Ghar Wapsi,” a term referring to his homecoming to his ancestral roots. He wrote, “After deeply immersing myself in my ancestors’ culture and lifestyle over the past two years, I am now officially proclaiming my ‘Ghar Wapsi.'”

Shayan expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the ISKCON: International Society for Krishna Consciousness for their unwavering support, acknowledging their role in his spiritual journey.

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Persecution In Pakistan

He recounted the distressing experiences he endured at the hands of Pakistani agencies in 2019, which led to his forced departure from the country. Shayan shared that he sank into a state of depression and almost lost all hope. However, he believes that it was Lord Krishna who intervened and provided him with the strength to persevere. Shayan now feels a responsibility to reciprocate the support he received.

“After being compelled to leave Pakistan in 2019 due to the persecution by Pakistani agencies, I descended into a deep depression and teetered on the edge of surrender. But then, ‘Krishna’ extended his hand to me, and now it is my duty to give back and bring honour to my ancestors,” Ali tweeted.

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Coming To India

Shayan further expressed his eagerness to return to his homeland, India. It is the land where his grandparents and ancestors hailed from. He longs to embrace the land and its people. He believes that “home is where the heart resides.”

While announcing his “ghar wapsi,” Shayan Ali made it clear that as a follower of Sanatana Dharma, he does not endorse any form of religious hatred. He holds deep respect for the beliefs and practices of all religions. He hopes for the same mutual respect towards his own.

In an earlier revelation made in May this year, Shayan Ali divulged the circumstances that compelled him to flee Pakistan. He disclosed being falsely accused of being a Jewish agent and a member of the Indian Intelligence Agency, R&AW. This occurred after he declined to participate in a PR music video on Kashmir, proposed by the Pakistani intelligence agency, ISI.

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