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Exploitation Of Hindu Interests In The Name Of Freedom Of Expression By Wokes

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It is not uncommon for Hindu interests to be damaged and insinuated in the name of freedom of expression. Hindus have been insulted to demonstrate one’s open-mindedness for decades, because why not? Due to the lack of pushback from Hindus, anti-India and anti-Hindu forces have always targeted Hindus as soft targets. Time and again, Hindu deities such as Radha-Krishna, Hanuman Ji, Ganesha, Maa Laxmi, Maa Parvati, Kali Maa, et al have been exploited for commercial purposes. Abusing Hindu deities ensures popularity in a short time.

Several shopping portals sell offensive objects featuring Hindu deities. It is unfortunate that the government and various authorities have turned a blind eye to Hindus’ repetitive disregard. It is true that freedom of speech is reserved for society’s privileged class.

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Disgusting Misrepresentation of Maa Radha

A website called recently published an obnoxious, provocative, and insensitive article against Hindus. There has been no action taken against the authors of the derogatory article since it was written with the intent of insinuating Hindus. It’s because Hindus themselves aren’t bothered, and that’s the truth. Shree Krishna’s Raas Leela is discussed in the article in question. According to the article, people tend to lose their vision if they see Raas Leela at Nidhivan.

Not only the written content was objectionable, but also the graphics, which were absolutely disgusting.

Can this be done with other religious heads, however, considering how they have depicted Maa Radha?

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No one would even dare to mess with Islamic or Christian religious symbols or figureheads, much less depict them in an offensive manner.

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In depicting Maa Radha half-naked, the creators of such disgusting things have demonstrated their perverted mentality. While an official action has been registered against the said portal, this blatant disregard shows how little concern these portals have for the law and order of the country.


Our customs, beliefs, and practices are portrayed negatively by the anti-Hindu elements. Our pious and sanctimonious expressions have been mocked and ridiculed. Hindus remain ignorant and blind at this stage, which is really shameful. The perpetrators of such offensive acts need to be called out and given appropriate action in order to ensure that they remain cautious in the future.




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